He's Ignoring Me After A Fight Is It Over: My Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me What Should I Do To Handle This

"My boyfriend is ignoring me after a fight!" You're so frustrated, aren't you? You love your guy and since the two of you had a big argument he's been ignoring you. You've tried everything to get him to pay attention to you again but to no avail. He doesn't respond to any of your calls, your text messages go unanswered and you're not even sure he's opening the emails you send. Now you're starting to worry that he's had his fill of you and the relationship is actually over for good. Don't panic too much just yet. You can remedy this situation and the approach you want to be taking may not be what you think it is.

If your boyfriend has been ignoring you, you have to consider how much time has passed since the fight. If it was just in the past few days, take a deep breath and calm down. Men and women handle emotionally charged situations very differently. You want to talk because your goal is to smooth everything over before it's too late. He needs a little time to process what's happened so he can talk to you again in a very calm and collected way.

Men will often detach themselves emotionally from their girlfriend after a fight. This is temporary but when you're the woman feeling ignored, it feels endless. Your guy was likely just as hurt as you were during the argument. He may not want to talk to you right now because he needs time to really cool down so he doesn't do or say anything that will result in more friction between you two.

The best advice you can follow if you had a fight with your guy and he's now dropped out of sight is to give him some time. Try your best to focus on something other than him for the next few days. You'll fare better with him if you stop trying to force him into talking. That means don't chase after him by calling him repeatedly or sending him hundreds of text messages. Let your silence speak for you. He'll see that you're respecting his need for some time and he'll be grateful for that.

If you still haven't heard from him in a week or so, call him then and if it goes to voice mail just leave a very simple message asking him to call you. If you sound calm and in control during that call, he'll see that you're also in a better place emotionally and he'll call you back ready to talk.

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How to make up with your boyfriend after a fight is a problem women have faced for centuries. If you come back to him too fast or too strong, he'll see it as being clingy and run the other way, but if you don't talk to him at all, you'll come off as not interested, and he'll just move on. So what should you do?

Fighting is a complicated thing between men and women, because it means different things to each gender. If you really want to make up with him, you'll need to understand a few things about the way guys work through problems, especially relationship problems.

Guys have a stigma in their minds that they're not allowed to appear vulnerable or weak to you, so make sure you avoid confronting him. Never ask "Are you still mad at me?" or "Am I still in trouble?". Even if you ask it nicely, part of him hears a challenge to continue the argument you were having, so don't say it. Keep the first conversation after a fight light. Talk about your day or tell him a funny story. If you can get him laughing it will make life a lot easier for both of you. If not, that's okay too. You've still got a shot.

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The first conversation should take place in either neutral territory or on his turf. Remember, you need him to feel safe and secure as he talks to you, like he has the power. Whether he really does or not, you need to let him think he does. It will make him feel more at ease. The internet is good for these talks too, because his computer is one of his safest places.

Don't touch him at the beginning of the conversation. Remember, there's still a part of him that's fighting with you, and he'll be very careful about any intimacy. After you've both had a good laugh, ease into light touches on the arm or shoulder, something safe that says "I'm being friendly, but not invading your space".

If he brings up the subject you were arguing over or the events that caused it, just let him talk. He's testing the waters to see where you stand on the subject. Even if you still hotly disagree with him or feel anxious about it, let it roll past you. Do NOT get upset. If he's worth making up with, it will be worth letting go of the issue.

If you have a nice conversation without bringing up the touchy subject, that's great. Let it go, don't bring it up until later. The subtext here is you saying "I care about you, I want to fix the relationship before we worry about the argument."

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With the wide use of mobile phones, texting has been used to communicate with exes after breakups. The concept of texting to reach out to someone isn't a new concept although it can sometimes be misunderstood, especially after a breakup. This is the reason why dating experts frown down on the idea of texting your ex boyfriend back.

Many experts say that texting your ex boyfriend back will only backfire. Well, this may be true if you use text messages for sexting or if you use weird abbreviations that can't be easily understood or emoticons that could be misconstrued. Also, your constant texting could also push your ex boyfriend further away from you.

Yes, it may be true that the factors mentioned above may push your ex away, but you should know that there are texting methods that could actually work. You just have to learn the right way to text your ex so that you can get back to being intimate and romantic with each other all over again. There are actually text messages that could make him want to get back together with you and even make him want you more than he ever did before - believe it.

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Texting is a two-edged sword and it can work against or for you, depending on how you use it. If you keep texting your ex boyfriend the wrong things at the wrong time, then you can say goodbye to your chances of ever winning him back. On the other hand, if you keep texting him the right things at the right time, you just might have running back into your arms and the two of you will be able to form a new relationship that's more passionate than the last.

If your ultimate goal is texting your ex boyfriend back, so that you can have him back in the end for good, then you have to focus on developing a whole new relationship with him rather than try to fix what has obviously had a lot of mistakes and problems. There's a reason why your past relationship ended, so there's no point reviving it. However, to start anew with your ex boyfriend, you will have to learn how to forgive each other. Forgive him and forgive yourself for any shortcomings committed in the past. It is only after this that you'll be able to know how to use texting to your advantage and be able to win him back in the end.

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Trying to figure out how to get back with your ex? If so, then you're going to have to learn the importance of communication in a relationship.

Communication is important in any relationship and learning its importance is essential if you're trying to figure out how to get back with your ex. Sometimes, relationships fail because of communication (or lack of it). Learning how to communicate with your partner (or in this case, your ex) can mean the difference between getting them back or losing them forever.

Why is communication essential in a relationship?

It's difficult to maintain a relationship if there is no healthy communication. It's possible that this is one of the reasons why your ex left you. For example, they are giving you their opinions and you refuse to listen to them. Or maybe they're telling you that they don't feel like you appreciate them and you just shut them off.

Now that your ex left you, it's a different scenario. For the first few weeks or months you should communicate with your ex. Even in a breakup communication is important. In this case, lack of communication or no contact is going to help you get your ex back.

Communication can help build or rebuild trust

Let's say months have passed and now you and your ex are speaking again. What you need to do is rebuild their trust in you. Keep the conversation casual and tell your ex what's been going on in your life. Don't use words or keep hinting to your ex that you want to get back them back. Now is not the time for that.

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When you do talk to your ex, be sure that:

· You think about what you're going to say to them to avoid saying things that will make matters worse

· Be clear on what you want to say. If you just want to talk, nothing serious, then talk about things that wouldn't lead you on the subject of your breakup.

· Make sure your ex understands what you are trying to say. If you're trying to say that you're really sorry then make sure your ex knows that you're being sincere. Also, make sure that there's no hidden malice or agenda behind your apology.

· Share positive things with your ex. Give them a compliment or two to put them at ease and to break the ice.

Communicate by listening

In order to have effective communication, listening is required. You can't do all the talking when you see your ex. Yes, you're trying to apologize for what you did and you're trying to make them see it from your point of view. But then you also have to give them a chance to share their side of the story. You need to remember a few things if you want to be a good listener:

· When your ex is talking, don't look everywhere. Be sure that you maintain eye contact.

· Watch your body language. Crossing your arms or frowning would make it look like you're bored.

· Distracting gestures such as fidgeting or tapping your fingers or feet should be avoided.

· Try to relax and show genuine interest in what your ex is trying to say.

Remember, you need to improve your communication skills if you want to know how to get back with your ex. If you continue with your old habits and still be a lousy listener or if you shut them off, then your ex wouldn't feel like getting back together with you. You will fail at regaining their trust and that won't get you anywhere.

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