For those that carry the HSV2 virus, genital herpes outbreaks can be an embarrassing part of life. It does not have to be this way. Having genital herpes is not different from having the flu or a cold virus. Only that because HSV2 is most often sexually transmitted there can be shame and fear around having a herpes outbreak. It also does not help that there is a tremendous amount of misinformation (and horrible pictures!) on the internet on the subject of HSV2.

If you can learn to manage your outbreaks, you can honestly bring them down to only one or two a year and for a lucky few, never have another outbreak. Preventative treatment such has immune boosting substances like oil of oregano, beta glucans (from yeast), along with a strong vitamin routine including Vitamin C and Zinc, can greatly reduce outbreaks. I know this from experience. When I remember, I also add 1000mg of lysine to my diet.

If and when you feel an outbreak coming on, you can take any or all of the above and increase the dosages until you feel the outbreak healing. At that point, you can apply vitamin E oil, which will rapidly speed up healing and eliminate any chance of scarring (this is rare anyway).

Should you actually have a herpes outbreak, do not despair. You need to remember that this is not your fault - you are doing everything you can to control your outbreaks, and that having to abstain from sexual activity (genital anyway!) for up to a week is not the end of the world.

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Do you want to stop having herpes outbreaks? Nanci Elliott has been studying genital herpes for over 20 years. She has extensively researched herpes including vaginal herpes, symptoms and signs of herpes, the psychological effects of genital herpes, herpes and pregnancy, and the transmission and treatment of herpes blisters. You can also find Nanci Elliott on articles and blogs throughout the web as well as on several educational herpes websites.