Having a Christmas lights installation at home helps make the holiday complete. However, many homeowners are concerned about having high electricity bills during this season. But in case you don’t know it yet, this is not the case for other types of holiday lights. Read on to find out about one of the best perks of a C9 and LED Christmas light installation.

Why Choose C9 LED Lights

Americans are fond of donning their homes with holiday lights. In fact, according to NASA, these lights are observable from space — and this phenomenon usually starts around Black Friday and lasts until the New Year.

C9 bulbs are some of the most commonly used holiday lights — they measure 2 and ¼-inch long. Their huge size and retro appeal (their C7 counterparts only measure 1 and ½-inch long) make them a great choice for outlining and wrapping both the indoor and the outdoor surfaces.

These bulbs are available as incandescent and as LED lights. The former is known for its vintage look and cheap upfront cost; the latter, on the other hand, is pricier but is more energy-efficient.

On the average, 100 LED light bulbs consume about 1.2 to 2 watts of electricity. This is 80 to 90% less than what incandescent bulbs consume. And according to the US Department of Energy, LED lights also tend to last up to 25 times longer — helping you save on money in the long run. With this type of Christmas lights installation, you only have to add a few dollars to your bill — an insignificant amount compared to the festive and feel-good vibes it exudes.

Besides being durable and energy-friendly, C9 LED lights also offer other benefits:

They produce less heat, minimizing the risk of having a fire incident

They are versatile

They pose less harm to the environment

They are easy to store

More Helpful Tips To Minimize Electricity Bills During Holiday

It’s hard to imagine a holiday season without any Christmas light installation. Knowing how energy-efficient C9 LED lights can be, you won’t have to pay that much just to have these rather magical lights shine straight from your home.

However, if you’re looking for more energy-friendly tips, we’ve compiled some below:

Go smart with your design and layout. When it comes to decorating your home with holiday lights, it’s not all about the quantity. Carefully plan your design and be smart about it — using lesser LED lights will also mean that you will have lower electricity bills.

Opt for an automatic timer. You can further conserve electricity if you add an automatic timing feature to your holiday lights installation. This will also offer you more convenience compared if you will have to manually turn off your lights.

Consult with a holiday lights expert. Companies that offer Christmas lights installation services know by experience how you can make your set-up more energy-efficient. Apart from getting expert advice from them, you can also tap their skills to have your lights installed, maintained, and taken down.

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