As we become more aware and attuned to the multi-dimensional nature of both the Universe and OURSELVES, we create many opportunities for growth.

An important aspect of growth is honoring the many facets of who we are. We cannot "hang out in the ethers" to escape Earthly events, nor can we deny that we are "spiritual beings having a human experience."

Most of my early life I operated as a warrior who marched into situations braced by the armor of my convictions. Though this served me well in the past, I've learned that it is no longer necessary, or even desirable.

The solution I found was
while simultaneously
presence of fear in my body.

These polarities of knowing all's well and, at the same time feeling fear, are nuances of the same continuum — ME. To maintain a healthy balance, I cannot espouse my 'Expanded Self' and deny my Humanity.

No one would consider skipping over feelings of elation, inner peace, joy or hope.

However, consistently rising above fear, anxiety, sadness or despair does not always honor what is going on inside our bodies, in a particular timeframe.

Embracing our fears and lovingly moving through (not denying) them often opens more doors — as long as we stay clear in our Intent and Knowingness.

Following is a poem I wrote several years ago, when I shifted my perception and recognized that EVERY single moment of my life has been a BLESSING:

— "The Journey" —

First came the inventory years ... taking everyone else's,
While fearfully ensconced in those walls of 'perfection;'
An undesired destiny of repetitive lesson sparked
The faintest Light of Dawn, and I finally focused on me.

I confronted childhood issues, releasing my anger and pain;
Adult lessons continued, happily they were different this time;
With each new challenge I came closer to the Truth,
And intuitively battled to free my path of detours.

There were no wrong directions ... just longer paths;
Everything was a gift that led me towards Awareness;
I learned my emptiness wasn't externally 'fillable,'
It had to be filled with ME — seemed simple, but how?

Then came the Light: I was ALREADY complete, for
It's our Divine Nature that makes our 'cup runneth over.'
Oneness was my quest when I stepped into this lifetime,
And my Opportunity to aspire? — A childhood called 'dysfunction.'

©Chelle Thompson

Author's Bio: 

Chelle Thompson, Editor-Publisher of Inspiration Line, has an extensive background in recovery programs, motivational counseling, psychology, theology and human relations. In 1991, she left a successful advertising career in Southern California and followed her Inner Voice to New Mexico, where she knew no one. In Santa Fe, she established a nonprofit personal growth center called Lightship of Santa Fe which was dedicated to advancing human potential through self-empowerment. Currently, Chelle produces the meaningful life website and global weekly e-magazine which reaches more than 229 countries worldwide with 75,000 monthly readers.