These tips may help you along the way to build a better foundation with your daughter that will last a lifetime.

1) Father is a guide, teacher and can do no wrong.
As a little girl now growing up, she does not know any better and needs her father‘s guidance to show her the right way of how to behave for he knows better, he has live longer and have seen and dealt with many problems in his life.

2) Father is first love
His daughter does not know any other male so close to her, for she places all her trust in her father, he is her fist love and that has an impact on her of how she will view other men and who she will allow closes to her in her future life as love relationship.

3) Father respecting his limits
As a new father, you will need to know your limits and you can teach this to your daughter so she will not attract others in her life that will verbally and physically abuse her.

4) Father supporting his daughter
A father taking the time out to spend with his daughter in going to the park, shopping and helping her with her homework builds a support and a feeling of confidence in her for she also learning stability.

The ability for a father to support his daughter in what she wants to do is a sign that he is trusting in her and what he and his wife has taught her.

5) Father showing how he deals with family problems
When a father is involved in the family relationship and his daughter see how her parents deals with problems such as compromising listening, sharing, trusting, appreciating, this gives her a good images of a relationship and help build a stronger self esteem.

6) Father making rules
When the father and mother has agreed to the rules in how they are going to raise their daughter and are not question or disagreed with each other in front of their daughter it helps the child feel secure and harmony in the home.

7) Father and daughter building communication
The father and daughter may have disagreements as she is growing up because this helps her find her identity, when the foundation of love, support and mutual respect is build it is easier to come back together.

It is normal to have disagreements between father and daughter for this helps both individual to share their point of view and know that they are heard and respected even if one of them disagrees with the other for the ability to not take it personal and to be able to talk after is the test of a strong relationship.

Conclusion: Know that a relationship with father and daughter will as first from the father to be consistent in his guidance with his daughter which will help her as she goes forward to deal with lives challenges.

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