Learning how to create intimacy in your relationship with your partner can make a difference of whether you continue to create a future together.
These tools are done daily and are not always notice the importance it plays to your couple duration.

1) Paying attention
When you take the time to pay attention to each other as you did when you first started your relationship this helps to bring closeness in your couple and the other person notices this too.

2) Healthy verbal communication
Having healthy verbal communication is being able to say what you think and feel and knowing that you will be receive by your partner without judgement.

3) Showing of caring
As you show caring and tenderness this help to go a long way as you grow older in your relationship. This creates bonding that shows when things get rough later on that you will be there because you care.

4) Creating time
Creating time for you both to be alone is important especially if you have children because they are learning by example and will do the same with their kids. Creating time for your couple if you have many demands for you at your job can help make your priorities and limits clear.

5)Having honesty
Having honesty and being clear with your partner helps both individual know where each other stand for different things even if the other may not agree.

6) Maintaining eye contact
Maintaining eye contact as often as you can just as you did when you began going together helps to sustain that love you had in the beginning.

7) Practicing listening
Practicing listening even when you disagree with what the other says to you gives you time to reflect and not to understand incorrectly what the person wants to say. Listening may help you to not judge or get angry fast.

8) Saying and doing what you said
Saying and doing what you said is important if you want to build trust in the relationship for your partner will depend and hold you to your word.

When you say and do what you say you stand by a code of moral values that you and others can rely on.

9)Being responsibility
Being responsibility for your first family emotional impact on you and your future with your mate knowing that when you got into the relationship with the person you have chosen to settle down with you may be aware that you may have unresolved hurts or other feelings from your family that you brought into this new relationship and it will have an impact on how you live your life in the future.

10) When conflict comes up
Use creative ways to deal with conflict you can get help by going to a therapist or buying self help books that both you and your partner can work with or join discussion groups on the internet. Your role in conflict is to have no name calling and no judgement and to listen alert.

Conclusion : The 10 ways to create intimacy in your relationship is a start on the road to having a good life with your partner. This may ask both partners to roll up your sleeves and get to work on the things that matter most.

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