Technology takes up a big part of our lives and is becoming increasingly harder to avoid. So why not find a way to use it to your advantage? One way to help yourself stay on course is by using NordLocker, a free-to-use encryption software. We’ll show you how.

Motivation is like a lion. It’s raw and powerful. We all know how much we can accomplish when motivation is on our side. But, like a feline creature, motivation also likes to come and go as it pleases. Can you lock it for unrestricted access? Of course not. But you can make it play by your rules. Here’s how.

Cat owners will back us on this. If you keep to a certain schedule, your cat will adapt to it. For the most part — it’s still a cat, after all. But essentially, if you put out food every morning at the same time, your cat will start coming to the bowl a minute before you start pouring the food. Funny enough, the same happens with motivation. If you train it, you’ll be able to easily predict when and where it will show up.

But with cats, it’s easy — it’s just food and water. What can you do every day to harness the power of motivation? Simply put, it’s all about the rules.

Here’s what most already know but still find it very hard to accept. If you let your mind wander aimlessly, it will. That’s why you should be one step ahead. Figure out where your mind tries to wander and lock it up. Some of you will have heard of website blockers that restrict access to certain websites, like Facebook or Reddit.

Here’s another tool for those of you that are distracted by the media on your computer. Nordlocker is encryption software that you can use for free. While it’s meant to secure your files from others, locking your movies and photos behind a password may work as a mental block that will help keep you on track. By the way, NordLocker gives every user a 5 GB of free encryption.

You can also use NordLocker to keep your goals and resolutions. But it should be a regular routine. For instance, every morning at 9 AM, you sit down and type three things you want to accomplish that day. You drag and drop that file to NordLocker. You can even share it with a friend. Locking it in NordLocker sends out a message to the universe that you are determined and ready to get some work done. You’ll think it’s a bit of an overkill, but you may be surprised how quickly this little routine will become a successful habit. Try it and let us know how it changed your life.

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