The mobile app ecosystem has witnessed tremendous growth over the past few years. The growth is expected to continue in the foreseeable future.

Overall session app activity grew by 6% in 2017, and users are seen to continue to “diversify their behavior” when using mobile apps, says an article by smartphone analytics company Flurry. The article goes on to mention that the smartphone ecosystem had over a million mobile apps last year, being used across 2.6 billion devices worldwide.

If these figures aren’t convincing enough for companies to invest in custom mobile application development, here’s something that may sound even more exciting. The global revenue generated by apps is expected to exceed $110 billion in 2018, according to estimates published by App Annie. Moreover, mobiles apps are playing “a key role” across industries, including education, banking, and insurance, retail, media and advertising, banking, travel, transport, and logistics as well as telecom.

Smartphones have held people captive over the past year and this trend is expected to accelerate in 2018. This presents a huge potential for any company trying to grab attention, build its brand and achieve higher levels of engagement. But, this is not the only reason for companies to invest in custom mobile application development in 2018. There are several other trends that underline the need to do so.

More Power to Mobile Apps
Technological advancements in the various field will make mobiles apps more powerful, helping achieve business goals with greater efficiency.

Machine Learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence, will help make phones even smarter than they are today. Backed by this technology, mobile apps can assist with more than just data recording and storage. They can perform actual analysis and predict user behavior patterns. For instance, a mobile app offering a retail store can do more than collating data around say the most searched products. It can provide trend forecasting, based on last season’s sales and upcoming promotions.

What’s remarkable is that data being in different forms or from different sources does not cripple the mobile app. For instance, a mobile app offering by a financial institution can collate data from a customer’s online activities to determine the credit rating or even whether they intend to repay a loan.

Added to this are advancements in Augmented Reality (AR). The latest iOS and Android operating systems support AR functionality. AR can enhance interactivity between your brand (or products) and customers. It can take online promotions to the next level and significantly boost sales.

Custom mobile application development can leverage these technologies to offer your company a host of benefits.

Head in the Clouds
Mobile apps will increasingly use cloud integration, such that less internal memory of the device is used. The efficiency of tasks performed using such mobile apps will not be dependent on the state of the user’s handset. Operations will be faster and better productivity comparisons can be made.

When choosing a company for custom mobile application development, ensure they follow stringent security standards. For instance, HokuApps stores data behind built-in firewalls and has several programs for continuous monitoring. Moreover, communication is encrypted using the highest global industry standards.

A Step Ahead
The one thing that drives companies towards custom mobile application development is the need to keep pace ahead of the competition. With your rivals using mobility strategies to leverage cost, productivity, and other benefits, you don’t want to get left behind. Instead, companies can use mobile apps in different ways to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Custom mobile application development services will offer many innovative possibilities in 2018. All these offerings may translate to higher costs. Against this backdrop, you can choose a company like HokuApps as it offers reusable components and predesignated modules to expedite creation and reduce costs associated with custom mobile application development.

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