I had never imagined that my son will be diagnosed with oral cancer! He is just 29! I knew from the beginning that he is smoking regularly. I did my best to put off this nasty habit of his but to no avail! When the diagnosis was revealed to him, he broke down. Thankfully, I made sure he recovered fully and received the best treatment by admitting him at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center.

I had lots of questions related to the disease. For instance, what it is? The doctor at RGCIRC, attending my son’s case explained the disease in simple words.

Now, according to the experts, cancer, in general, is a medical term for a scenario where cells, due to a gene mutation, multiples uncontrollably and at the same time, do not die, as normal cells do thus leading to the formation of a muscular lump known as a tumor.

Oral cancer generally affects the –
* Lips
* Tongue
* Cheeks
* The floor of the mouth
* The hard and soft palate
* Sinuses and
* Pharynx (or throat) of an affected individual.

It needs immediate medical attention since, without it, the patient will eventually die!

All of this information was scary for me and my son! Thankfully my wife was not in the chamber. I lost her a few years back in a car accident. Hence, it is natural for me to go all in and save the only family I have left – my son!

I mustered up some courage and proceeded to ask the doctor about the symptoms of the disease. He then explained that a person diagnosed with oral cancer may or may not have the following symptoms –
Unexplained bleeding in their mouth.
Presence of white patches in their mouth
Swelling and/or formation of sores that don’t seem to go away in areas like gums, lips, and in other areas of their mouth.
They can even feel uneasy when they are chewing, swallowing, speaking, or even moving their tongue and more.

I was horrified after hearing all of this as my son, had, more or less, all the aforementioned symptoms!

I was feeling restless! Seeing this, the doctor and his staff consoled me by proceeding to explain the wide range of mouth cancer treatment provided at RGCIRC!

The hospital offers a range of mouth cancer treatment.

They are as follows –
* Surgery
* Radiotherapy
* Chemotherapy
* Chemo-radiotherapy and
* Biological therapy.

After hearing all of this, I was again feeling restless and confused. After seeing this the doctor and his associates calmed me down and explained to me that a combination of two or more treatments will be administered to my son since his condition is yet to become severe!

They took extra care and ensured that my son did not have any oral health issues. They did this to ensure that he doesn’t suffer from any post-therapeutic complications!

Since my son was checked in to RGCIRC at the nick of time, the disease was arrested before it could do more damage. He is in remission now and this wouldn’t have been possible if Dr. Mudit Agarwal didn’t take my son under his wing!

I am forever grateful to the good doctor, his team, and of course, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Research Center!

Author's Bio: 

Shreya Singh is an healthcare expert and blogger who loves to create health awareness through her words.