While having a mobile app is a basic necessity, the process of creating it is definitely not easy if you do not have the required experience.
How then, can a business develop the right kind of mobile app that meets all their expectations?

One way would be to code an entirely new mobile app to suit particular needs. This process, however, requires a lot of time and resources. Small and medium businesses do not have the ability to invest such resources into custom mobile app development.

Another way would be to create a very simple app using tools that do not require coding. However, these off-the-shelf apps would be too simple and lack the functions that are necessary for the business. These app would prove inadequate in being helpful for the success of the company.

The best way to develop a custom mobile app would be to partner with a custom mobile app development company. Mobile app development companies, such as HokuApps, provide solutions that fit every business need, and at 10x the speed.

Their process for mobile app development is an efficient and easy process that ensures maximum customer satisfaction. Here is how they translate the visions of the business owners into the perfect apps:

Quick App Development

The main reason why businesses should partner with a mobile app development company like HokuApps is to create reliable, affordable and secure apps in days or weeks.

90% of the app is built through automation while 10% requires customization which is done by the experienced developers. The automated phase is accomplished with pre-built elements that automatically integrates pre-built business modules, technology components and designs into the required app with pre-built connectors. Post-which the apps are configured at a business-level for unique customization.

This quickens the process of mobile app development while still maintaining the uniqueness of the business in the app. The app is usually developed within 6 to 8 weeks.

Communication at Every Step

From ideating to delivering the perfect app, the entire process of development is accompanied by constant communication with the client. The business owner is kept in the loop every step of the way.

HokuApps has analysts and developers with a lot of experience, who know the right way to capture the essence of any business in the form of an app. They offer a wide library of business tools and functions such as GPS tracking, QR code scanning etc. which can automatically be integrated into apps via a drag and drop approach. This allows custom mobile app development that best defines the business.

Compatible Across Platforms

All the apps developed by HokuApps are cross-platform. This means that they automatically adapt to Android, iOS, and Web without requiring individual app development. This makes the apps versatile and accessible by a large range of users, which also guarantees a higher success rate and higher revenue generation for the app.

Individual Support

Their support does not stop after mobile app development, but continues even after, to solve glitches and permit growth within the app. HokuApps provides post-deployment maintenance and updates to best equip the company to deal with app related issues.

Scalability is Important

Once the vision of the app has been translated into reality, the mobile app development company offers scalability as the mobile apps are bound to help the business grow. The HokuApps platform offers a robust scalability infrastructure that gives the app the ability to expand.

HokuApps takes care of all the needs of a business from start to finish, to ensure that the final developed apps fit every description and requirement of the business owner. Hence, the best way to develop custom apps for your business is to trust an experienced mobile app development company like HokuApps.

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