Mobile app development is at the forefront of all driving business development in these times. They control the working of all aspects of any business. The secret to the success of mobile applications is accessibility.

Traditional mobile app development is not at all an easy process, simply because of the options in devices and platforms and devices that are flooding the market. Applications need to be able to function on a variety of devices. These are equipped with varying software, different platforms and even different physical sizes. The most difficult challenge in traditional mobile app development is that it should look the same on any device, no matter what the device differences may be.

Moving to another point, companies no longer provide their employees with devices that are common to everyone and can be used for business related work. Employees are expected to use their own devices. This is a lot more cost effective for the company while also ensuring the comfort of the employee.

Besides, mobile app development is directed towards external customers as well. Hence, all kinds of devices are used to access the same mobile app. So how can this need for accessibility be fulfilled?

The best way is to take the functioning of the application to a cloud. Cloud infrastructure allows applications to be run smoothly since it allows a lot more flexibility to the application. However there still remains the issue of adapting to devices that are of different sizes. How then can mobile app development satisfy changing conditions without any change in the app itself?

To take this forward, the need is for an adaptable mobile app development platform is a must. Using a good platform simplifies the process of custom mobile app development. The mobile application development platform will do the job of ensuring that the application seamlessly adapts to the properties of the device. It makes usage easy and comfortable.

This is why HokuApps has automated the mobile app development process. The process creates cloud-based apps that work on all major platforms, i.e., iOS, Android and the Web, AUTOMATICALLY.

This eliminates the need for traditional mobile app development that is specific to individual OS platforms. HokuApps has the perfect mobile application development platform that automatically allows for cross-platform application development without compromising the functional requirements of the business.

When a great mobile application development platform is paired with cloud infrastructure, the combination gives rise to a large number of benefits such as:

Breaking Down Physical Boundaries

Accessibility becomes maximum since cloud infrastructure furthers the need for mobility. Problems can be solved immediately as they arise and communication channels are constantly open. Geographical space stops playing an obstructionists role. There is no longer a need for scheduling meetings and arranging conference rooms for work to get done and decisions to be made. Even customers in different locations globally have greater access to the application.

Administration Backend Infrastructure

Another aid to administration is the integration of Admin Backend Infrastructure. This is essential for mobile enterprise applications. HokuApps offers a mobile application development platform that automatically comes with built-in administration backend infrastructure which provides mobile view and web backend. It allows 100% customization based on the hierarchical structure of the organization and makes management easier with a granular reporting system and dashboards.

Best-in-class Security

Maintaining security also becomes easier because of its cloud-nature. This, combined with best-in-class security features, would make the apps safe. HokuApps have developed a platform that includes best-in-class security which will make the mobile application impenetrable to the maximum level.


Cloud infrastructure allows the applications to expand (features and customizations) as the business grows in size. This combined with the scalability infrastructure that HokuApps automatically provides through their mobile application development platform, makes the company’s growth unstoppable. The mobile app need not be rebuilt to accommodate the changes to the company. It can simply be tweaked as and when the changes are required. This saves valuable resources and time.

Hence if you haven’t taken advantage of a great mobile application development platform along with a vast cloud infrastructure, you are bound to lose out on a large number of benefits that accompany the pair.

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