Do you love wearing sandals? Of course you do, otherwise, you wouldn’t be here reading this. But are you aware of the different things to look for when buying a sandal? Buying sandals just because you like how they look is all well and good, but if you never wear them because they hurt your feet or they’re too high, it’s just a waste of money and storage space. And we really don’t want that!

Like with any women’s shoes, there are a few things you should consider when buying sandals; such as fit, practicality, and style. Ultimately, you want maximum levels of comfort and wearing sandals shouldn’t compromise that.

Let us discuss a few factors to consider when shopping for sandals:

Why do you need a sandal?

And when we say why, we mean for what occasion you need them. You want to stand out at a party or do you need them for your office? It’s always important to make sure that your sandals are practical for their intended use, as what works for one environment may not work in another. For example,
schutz sandals can replace your regular autumn/winter office shoes and can be worn with tailored pants or midi skirts.

Closed toe or open toe?

Do you want to show off your pedicure, or keep your toes covered up? We understand that after the long winter, some of you might have skipped out on keeping your toes painted and ready for the runway. It might also still feel a bit strange to have your toes exposed to the world. You can always opt for the closed-toe sandal option. These shoes are a combination of sandals and flats. Your toes will stay safely tucked away while the sides will allow your feet to breathe in the welcomed warm weather. For instance, schutz sandals that are open toed can be worn with maxi dresses, minis, or shorts and you will look fabulous.
Price range

We’ve all had those moments where we stand in the shoe store, staring at that perfect pair of sandals, but before you even try them on you have a glance at the price tag. If your first thought is ‘YIKES! How will I ever pay these off?’ You should perhaps take a step back and think twice about them.

Go online and compare different price ranges and make a sound decision.

Do you love them?

Last but not the least, it’s simple, if you do not feel the love for a sandal then why buy them? Everyone has their own sense of style and that shouldn’t stop at sandals. There are so many different styles of sandals out there, in some ways, you might even be spoilt for choice. Whatever you choose, always make sure you get the best out of them; you don’t want to waste money on an impulse buy, do you?

Buying new sandals doesn’t have to be a chore. But choosing wisely could save you the hassle of replacing them or the heartache of wasting money. Be sure to ask yourself a few things before buying and you shouldn’t go wrong. Oh, and don’t forget to keep a lookout for all those important end of the season schutz sandals bargains too!

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