Candles have been with us for many generations. It used to be made from natural waxes andused as a light for giving brightness in the dark nights when there was noelectricity. AncientRomans used beeswax to create a candle for its brightness as well it is air-purifying activity.

If you have just started making candles for yourself, friends and family as a hobby, or you are testing the candles as a home run business and even if you own a candle production company, your candles need labels.

Candle labels are used to introduce the flavour and the type of wax it is made out of. You may be already using a type of label; if it is handmade candles you may be using DIY sticker for labelling them. Although if you are taking candles beyond your personal use, a professional- looking label can give a classy finish to your scented goodies.

Depending on the type of candle made and their use, there are different labels introduced for the various packaging elements. Here are the types of the candle and the suitable labels you could use for various purposes.

Types of candles

Candles are made for aromatherapy or candle made to withstand outdoor use come in different material, shapes and scents;

● Paraffin wax candles

These candles are used for outdoor use,mostly.Paraffin is a derivative of petroleum oil products and can create small amounts of toxicity indoors.They come in various colours and scents. Their ability to withstand wind makes them unique.

● Soy candles

These are on other most popular candles. They do not emit any toxic fumes; They have been naturally sourced from plant-based soya beans.Soy waxes are used for aromatherapy,bath candles,creating romantic candlelight dinner and many more. These candles are the perfect match for vegan candle lovers.

● Beeswax candles

Beeswax as the name indicates is derived from bee’s hives. This is also a natural candle, but some vegans avoid using it for its animal-based source.The most amazing effect of beeswax candles is purifying the air by neutralising opposite charges.

Dust particles usually have negative charges; They move around while repelling each other, which creates more energy for their unconscious movements.This is the reason if a streak of sunlight or flashlight falls in a dark room, you can see the particle dance none stop and even in an increasing motion. Beeswax candle neutralises this negative charge and helps them settle on the floor (it will require some cleaning). Many candle experts are aware of beeswax candle properties and they avoid adding scent and colour to them.

The right label for the types of candles

Choosing the right label for each candle depends on many factors. However, it is equally important to inform your customers what type of candle you are offering to them. This way, they are able to receive maximum benefit from your products. Here is a generalised factor that you may consider while labelling your candles:

● Amount of essential oil

Labels used for aromatic therapeutic candles can spill oil in the candle structure. This can create oil stains and does not look clean in regards to the appearance of your candles. The best labels for this candle are transparent polyester labelling material.They are neatly designed and do not absorb any oil and stains.

● Size and shape of the candle

If you are producing little candles, both round and angular, you could use pre-cut sheets and rolls of printable material to print your own labels.You could stick them to the side or at the bottom to prevent it from burning.

● Natural candle

Customers who prefer to purchase unscented, undyed,and natural candles would be interested in simple and eco-friendly labels. This label enhances the appearance and supports the naturally conscious cause of their shopping. You can use labels with eco-friendly adhesive and unbleached paper material to convey the message across to them.

● Uniqueness

Unique designs stand out and help to promote your candle production. It is important to have an artful approach towards your labelling and packaging to ensure your sales success. You could also design special labels for holiday seasons, valentine’s day and other events.

A label is your communication bridge with your customers; You could include any recommendation advice and other helpful information for your fellow candle loves.

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