Gone are the days when the information was inadequate for international students who were keen to pursue their studies in Australia. They used to conduct online searches for the best universities and courses before applying for student visas. But now, times have changed with their successors benefitting on a large extent. These individuals are taking advantage of the smooth processes leading to not only admissions in prestigious universities in the country but also enrolling in courses of their liking before being handed with visas on time.

In the past couple of years, many international students have been inducted in universities across the country with several takeaways in place. Over the years, Australia has emerged as an excellent study destination. The fact of the matter is that it has positioned itself as the preferred hub for every overseas student migrating in large numbers. Enlisted are certain points on why the country has emerged as a top destination for students—

Offers Students with Quality Education and Modern Facilities

Termed for its best universities featuring in the list of top universities worldwide, Australia offers quality education, state-of-the-art modern facilities, and best teaching faculty. Undoubtedly, these are the hallmarks to describe its education standards that are considered to be top priorities for the country administration.

Land of opportunities as reiterated by many individuals, the island continent has achieved distinction due to the hospitable environment, friendly atmosphere, great opportunities and an excellent place to study in Australia. Even for those desiring a perfect stay, there is an insurance cover referred to as OSHC for Australia. The insurance cover ensures their stay and enables them to avail hospitalisation benefits.

In a way, it is a long-awaited wish coming true for these students pursuing degree programs and courses in numerous institutions located in five cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane.

The good news about the country is that it not only welcomes students from across the globe but also creates ample opportunities for them. These advantages help them to shine in their academics with undergraduate, Bachelor, Masters or PhD programs conducted by different universities. Besides, top courses for Australia PR include Accountancy, Engineering, Computers and Information Technology, Nursing and Education & Teaching.

Let us now shift our attention to a more fundamental question—How to get into Australia. The reason doesn’t look precarious as it seems to be, however. One of the best visas is the Australian student visa—subclass 500 that is mandatory for every student. On completion of their studies, students are allowed to extend their stay for at least 28 days.

Compliance of Immigration Procedures

Though we mentioned ‘takeaways’ term earlier, let us explain what the real takeaways are. One of the necessary immigration procedures every international student has to follow is Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) procedures. In other words, the immigration department of Australia conducts GTE which asks students to explain the purpose of their visit, the timeline of a particular course and how it will of any help. There are more than two dozen questions students have to answer—right from their profile details, education, benefits to career prospects. GTE is simply an accurate written statement students have to provide. It will help students to clear the first round before applying for their student visa.

The next to fall in line is to clear English language requirements. IELTS and PTE are the two prominent proficiency tests conducted. Likewise, PTE tips and tricks offer the best solutions for first-time applicants facing difficulties.

Likewise, students are granted visas after they receive COE (Confirmation of Enrolment) from their chosen universities. Confirmation of Enrolment document mentions the course completion and ending dates.

Future Prospects of the Australian Study

The moment a student completes his course and heads to another destination for better work prospects, he lands with a job of his liking. The reason being Australian education institutions and their degrees have earned prominence worldwide. A well-thoughtful approach goes by with Australian education body evaluating every university and college providing quality education.

Here are some features working to student’s advantage, especially why students prefer to study in Australia. These comprise-

  • Before seeking admission to a particular university, a student can make a decision based on numerous choices before him
  • Best faculty with excellent teaching facility
  • Strong bonding and close interaction among overseas students
  • Degree certificates recognised globally

Last but not least, the country provides quality education to many international students. It is a dream fulfilled for every student pursuing higher education and realising his dreams come true.

Though many other topics can be covered, there is one topic no one should ignore. Education costs in Australia are quite affordable compared to other developed nations. Besides, there is a leeway for international students who wish to work part-time while their studies are on. They can fend for themselves with these individuals paid on an hourly or weekly basis.

Besides, there are scholarship programs offered to students who face difficulty while paying their university fees, etc.

One of the most preferred student destinations in the world, Australia welcomes every international student who prefers to pursue his studies. Tens and hundreds of students prefer to seek admissions in universities not just in 5 of its major cities but also in varsities located in the Regional Areas of Australia.

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