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Here we are going to provide some home facial tips to get glowing skin.

• Oil Cleanse: Take an appropriate amount of oil or any oil-based cleanser and massage it on your dry skin. The oil will take off all your makeup, dirt, sunscreen excess oil that might be sitting on your skin.

• Water Cleanse: Once you have massaged the oil, take a tissue and wipe away all the excess oil that might be left. Now, wash your face with regular face wash.

• Steam: After washing, you can steam your face for 7-8 mins to make your skin more soft and clean. If you have sensitive skin, steam after exfoliating and rest of the skin type can steam before scrubbing.

• Exfoliate: Take a regular scrub or simply mix rice flour with Aloe Vera gel and use it as a scrub in a circular gentle motion. When you do this after steaming, your skin becomes soft, which makes this step even more effective, as dead skin come off efficiently.

Massage: After scrubbing, take Aloe Vera gel or Bamboo gel, or any gel of your choice. You can use curd as well, as the lactic acid in it is really good for your skin. Massage it well on your entire face for good 15-20 mins. You can gently pinch your skin while massaging to get more blood flow on your face.

• Mask: Once you are done with massaging, wipe off all the leftover the product with warm water. Now, apply a good or even layers of your favourite face mask all over your face.

• Moisturize: Since you have done a lot to your skin, do not follow along with skincare routine, or else your skin gets irritated. Just use a good amount of Moisturizer or even Aloe Gel, to steal in all the goodness of the process.

So get ready to glam up these festivities by following some skincare tips given by Geetika Chakravarti.

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