A patch of green amidst the dry and grey cityscape makes a visual treat for any eye. And imagine the pride and joy you will feel if that little piece of beautiful green is your backyard, veranda or garden. With clogged roads and dusty streets, setting up and maintaining a garden requires a lot of time, effort and the right type of garden implements. The outdoor garden tools that you purchase for your home depends on the type of garden that you’re planning to maintain. If you have a patch of land at the front, back or sides of your house, and are planning to have a small garden in that space, then there are some garden tools that you definitely have to invest in.

Leaf Rake and Leaf Blower

Come autumn, the trees shed their old leaves in preparation for the new growth in spring. It will be very difficult to sweep off all the leaves. A rake will allow you to easily collect all the fallen dry leaves and push them into a pile. You can use these dry leaves to prepare compost or simply burn them. The leaf blower offers an even more convenient option to clear up the fallen dry leaves from your backyard. The leaf blower works like a reverse vacuum cleaner. Instead of sucking in all the leaves, air is blown at a particular speed from the hose to push all the leaves in the other direction.


This tool is a must-have for your little or big garden. It has a flat rectangular or triangular shaped plate at one end of the wooden handle. You can use a spade to turn soil over before planting. It also comes handy when you’re digging a small path from the water source to the trees in your garden. A spade is available in different sizes and lengths, so you can easily choose one that’s most comfortable to work with.

Lawn Mover

For those who have a large yard or lawn, the mover is a must-add to their list of outdoor garden equipment. The green grass of the lawn looks very beautiful and appealing, but can soon look unkempt if not moved regularly. If you have a medium-sized lawn, then you can get a manual mover that you can push across the yard. For larger spaces, you can go for a gas-powered driven lawn mower.


Another must-have garden tool is the trimmer. It is shaped like a pair of scissors, but just larger and sharper. You can use the trimmer to shape bushes and cut away dried twigs and flowers. For a small garden, a manual trimmer will suffice.

Wheel Barrow

Save yourself plenty of footsteps and backache with a wheel barrow. Whether you’re cleaning your garden or carrying your harvest, the wheel barrow comes handy. Just fill the barrow with all the items and push it to your house or garden shed.

There are other garden tools and equipment that help make your gardening easy, comfortable and efficient. The tools you choose depend on the type and size of the garden. You should also invest in other garden accessories such as hose pipe, planters, weeders and more for garden maintenance.

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