Hey there! Are you still sitting with the cup of coffee in your hand and wondering on the marvellous and magical taste it has for charming up that mood of yours? Well, the fact is that coffee does come with a lot of variety and has made a permanent place in the hearts of humankind since the day they were discovered. As a matter of fact, coffee has almost turned itself into a mandatory drink needed in offices, shopping malls, etc.

In the case of coffee, there are enough things to know about. However, this article will try to give you some details on the history and the type of coffee, and this information is different from its values when considered as beverages.

The Bee Fact

Well, you are certainly afraid of bees and more afraid in the painful sting they can deliver. Bees are attracted to honey by certain means or purposes. The discovery of coffee has been associated with ancient goat herders whose goats turned merry and excited once they had munched some coffee beans. This is the official information. Well, leave the goats and concentrate on the bees.

The substance – coffee – is considered to be one of the most dangerous for slugs and few of the other pest, they are not for the bees. Science has proven that the honey bee adheres to coffee for a certain reason. The reason is that coffee contains caffeine and this particular thing produces an effect on developing the insect’s memory. As a matter of fact, caffeine makes the bees remember more about the different kinds of flowers and the honey collected from them. In this way, the bees return to the same flower in a heightened rate.

Let’s Go to Ethiopia

Africa is the mother of coffee beans. Africa is also home to the country called Ethiopia. As a matter of fact, this country has a festival mainly centred around coffee. This festival is considered to be one of the central occasions in their social life. But, this festival can take extended periods of time to be conducted. The festival is divided into two rituals. The first one is the washing of the coffee beans with sheer concentration. The second part of the ceremony follows the pouring of the coffee in a ceremonial ardour. The women of the Ethiopian Nations mainly stay in the duty of performing the overall ceremony. The young girls are considered as students to the practice of this festival. The fresh beans are roasted, and fragrant flowers are used to add a touch of aroma into the beans. After the coffee is prepared, it is poured with sugar, salt or butter in the individual cups. You can even find this type of coffee in the restaurants at Ethiopia. No wonder the coffee machines and the Gaggia coffee machines service in Melbourne are aware of that.

Want to Compete?

Yes, this is known as the coffee tasting competition. In this competition, coffee tasters from around the world are invited to participate. They have to taste coffee of different kinds and countries and have to tell what kind of coffee is it that they are testing and smelling. Coffee tasting competition is one of the main things arranged in several countries around the world.

Well, that is a lot about coffee. However, you may not be cherishing these thoughts when you will be calling your colleagues to look whether or not something is wrong with the coffee machine. In that case, you have to call one of the professionals conducting the coffee machine repair.

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