Your Menopause

Wahoo! No more bleeding, as you have probably been looking forward to that each month for the last 20 or 30 years.  Oh, but wait! Menopause is going to set in and it is officially defined as being period free for twelve consecutive months. That does not sound too awful until you start considering the misery of the menopausal symptoms that you will more than likely undergo.

You can run but you can't hide from the aggravating sensations of the cessation of menstruation and the physical and psychological challenges a woman will face upon menopause.

Some of the symptoms that a woman faces when going through menopause include joint pain, aches and pains, muscle tension, migraines and headaches, inability to concentrate, remember or focus, hair loss, brittle nails, allergies, bloating, cramping, hot flashes, night sweats, decrease in sexual desire, vaginal dryness, mood swings, irritability, fatigue, sleeplessness and restlessness, irregular heartbeat, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, dizziness and gaining weight.

Believe it or not, this is not an entire list!  However, there are herbs for menopause that can help a woman combat some of these horrendous symptoms.

Herbal Remedies

These natural remedies can typically be purchased over the counter, online or from an herbalist.  Herbs for menopause can be a much cheaper alternative to hormone replacement therapy treatments or other medications that need to be prescribed by doctors.

Additionally, herbal remdies do not typically have any side effects due to their all natural compounds which is quite different than other options that do result in daunting side effects.

Herbs for menopause are differently formulated for treating different symptoms. There are a wide variety of options.

Identifying what some of the most troubling menopausal symptoms are for you will help you decide which ones may be the most helpful.

One thing about some herbs is that some contain phytoestrogen compounds that somewhat mimic estrogen in a woman's body.  That is why these herbs have been so wonderful is because they help to balance out a woman's hormone levels naturally and have been used for centuries to ward off these symptoms.

Popular Herbs

There are a few common herbs that are highly recommended by herbalists, doctors and customers.

One of the most beneficial plants include black cohosh and it is one of the top selling herbs for menopause due to its ability to primarily combat hot flashes in addition to other menopause symptoms.  The major downfall is that women who have liver trouble are not advised to take it.

Another helpful plant is damiana extract.  It has been found to be a natural aphrodisiac and is a natural anti-depressant, therefore causing elevated moods.

Red clover is also another effective herb for menopause because of its natural plant estrogens.  Ginseng and St. John's wort also help improve mood and alleviate mild depression.

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Ruolan Wang is an advocate and researcher on the benefits of all-natural supplements for menopausal symptoms. Visit her website to learn well-researched facts and her honest reviews on menopause supplements on the market.