Oligozoospermia is ordinarily recognized as low sperm count disorder. Moreover, this medical condition occurs when the body of a male produces minimal amount of sperm due to which any sperm is unable to fertilize the egg of a female reproductive system. Furthermore, a male is considered to be able to conceive a child if the sperm count is more than 20 million spermatozoa per milliliter of ejaculation. However, there are certain other factors that can affect the reproductive ability of a man but, low sperm count is the prime factor for infertility in men. Nevertheless, there are certain effective herbal supplements to treat oligozoospermia that can release the man from the undesired condition of impotency.

There are many causes that lead a male towards impotency due to low sperm count. Firstly, the swelling of vein in the male organ may reduce sperm and sperm motility. Secondly, antibodies of immune system may mistakenly identify the sperm as harmful invaders, and try to eliminate them due to which amount of sperm decreases in the body. Thirdly, there are certain tubes that carry the sperm out of the male organ; any injury to this sperm ducts may prove to be harmful for male reproductive system. Fourthly, obesity can reduce the fertility of men. Withal, there are many causes for this undesired medical condition but, herbal supplements to treat oligozoospermia can effectively work on the root cause of the problem and retain the fertility of male.

1. Maca is an aphrodisiac herb from Andes mountain range. Moreover, the active ingredients of this herb help to increase the amount of sperm.

2. Shilajit is a wondrous herb to improve sperm quality. In addition, it is used in the herbal supplements to treat oligozoospermia because of its incomparable ability to treat the male infertility. Also, it is helpful in the treatment for premature ejaculation.

3. Ashwagandha is a well known herb used in the herbal supplements to treat oligozoospermia. Moreover, this herb also stimulates the libido. And, it is also famous for its ability to treat many physical weaknesses, for instance erectile dysfunction.

4. Tribulus boosts the production of testosterones. In addition, this wonderful herb also increases the level of Luteinizing hormone produced by pituitary gland to maintain the sperm count. Due these qualities it is an essential herb used in the herbal supplements to treat oligozoospermia.

5. Ginseng is another excellent herb that not only helps to increase the low sperm count but also to regulate the sperm motility and quality.

The above mentioned herbs are essentially used in the herbal supplements to treat oligozoospermia yet, it is important to follow few tips that may help the body to regulate the sperm count naturally.

1. It will be helpful to avoid faulty habits to boost sperm quality naturally, for example smoking, drinking, sedentary lifestyle can affect the sperm morphology.

2. Increase the intake of green leafy vegetables, various fruits and nuts that may help to overcome the effects of malnutrition. Also, these foods will help to restore the essential nutrients in the body which are important for appropriate sperm.

3. Maintain the body weight because both, overweight and underweight males are likely to suffer from low sperm count.

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