Immunity is an essential body function needed for preventing the formation of diseases. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper medication and diet plays a very important role in preserving the immune system of body. People can easily identify low immune system troubles by analyzing its symptoms. Frequent cold, frequent flu, sores, swollen lymph glands and chronic infections are some among the commonly reported symptoms of weak immune system. Multiple factors contribute for the formation of weak immune system troubles. Most common factors promoting the risks of weak immune system trouble include nutritional deficiency, transplant surgery, low white blood cell, inflammatory bowel disease and low stomach acidity. Now, let's see some of the best recommended herbal remedies for low immunity.

Navy bean, enriched in folic acid, magnesium and dietary fiber is an important herbal remedy for low immunity problems. Inclusion of navy beans in diet helps in improving the health and stamina of person. Some among the main health benefits of using navy bean include preventing constipation, balancing blood sugar level, preventing cardiovascular diseases and curing inflammatory disease. Intake of almonds is another safe herbal remedy for low immunity troubles. It helps to a great extend in relieving weak immunity problems due to vitamin E deficiency. Daily intake of almonds helps in lowering LDL cholesterol level, preventing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Guava is an excellent immune enhancer widely recommended by health practitioners. Presence of vitamin C in guava helps in improving the number of white blood cells in body and minimizes the risk of weak immunity. Rich composition of calcium, vitamins, folic acid and iron in guava maintains blood pressure level, prevents obesity, improves heart health and cures asthma troubles. It is also used for preventing constipation, scurvy, cough and cold. Garlic, well known for anti viral and anti fungal property is a herbal remedy for low immunity. Presence of powerful compounds like allicin, ajoene and thiosulfinates in garlic fights against viral infections and improves your immune system. It is one of the important herbal remedies for low immunity.

Carrot, one among the commonly used vegetables in cooking is an effective cure for low immune system troubles. Presence of beta carotene in carrot helps in strengthening white blood cells and fights against infections. Patients with low immunity are advised to drink a cup of carrot juice daily in the morning. Apart from improving immune system, intake of carrots also helps in improving eyesight, strengthening bones and teeth.

Drinking yogurt is a safe home remedy recommended for weak immunity. Active compounds present in yogurt improve the production of white blood cells and enhance immune system. Other advantages of drinking yogurt include decreasing yeast infection, preventing constipation, diarrhea and colon cancer. Kale is an effective herbal remedy suggested for weak immunity troubles. Inclusion of kale in diet increases the count of white blood cells and prevents the attack of invaders. This nutritious food enriched with high sulfur content also helps in removing toxins and improving the immunity power of body. Blueberries, astragalus root, broccoli, sesame seeds and flax seeds are other safe remedies for low immunity.

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