Liver, one among the vital parts of body plays a key role in maintaining the functioning of detoxification and metabolism. Neutralization of fats, blood filtration and breaking down of toxins with enzymes are some among the highlighting functions of liver. Performing a thorough liver cleanse helps to a great extend in improving the efficiency of the organ. Improving the hormonal balance of body, detoxification of liver cells and promoting the health of gallbladder are main advantages of performing liver cleansing. You can easily identify the need for liver cleanse by analyzing symptoms like light coloured stools, dark coloured urine, abdominal pain and abdominal swelling. Following are the best prescribed herbal remedies for liver cleansing.

Licorice root, one among the important ingredients used for the preparation of medicines is a widely recommended herbal remedy for liver cleansing. It is found to be very effective for the healthy functioning of liver. Glycyrrhizin, an active component present in licorice root is well known for its therapeutic properties. Presence of potent antioxidants in licorice root makes the herb an excellent liver tonic. Preventing inflammatory disorders, curing skin infections and fighting against bacteria are other important health benefits of licorice root. Yellow duck is an effective herbal remedy for performing liver cleanse. Detoxification is a main function coming under the list of health benefits of yellow duck herb. Enhancing urination, healing gout, infections and peptic ulcers are other advantages of using yellow duck.

Fenugreek, enriched with potent anti oxidant properties is a widely suggested herbal remedy for liver cleansing. It improves the healthy functioning of liver as well as the digestive system of the body. Other health benefits of consuming fenugreek extract include blood sugar regulation, controlling cholesterol level and reducing aging impact. Lemon juice is a commonly recommended herbal remedy for kidney stones. Patients suffering from digestive troubles are advised to drink lemon juice daily. It act as a natural liver cleanser and helps in easier detoxification of liver. For attaining best result, you can also drink a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil. It provide natural strength agent to liver enzymes and improves the oxygen consumption of liver cells.

Milk thistle, an effective cure of alcoholic cirrhosis is a safe herbal remedy for liver cleansing. It has been traditionally used for the treatment of hepatitis. Today, you can easily get milk thistle herb from market in the form of liquid extract, tincture and as capsules. Presence of active compounds in milk thistle like silymarin repairs liver cells and reduces inflammations. Apple juice is another safe cure suggested for liver cleansing. Intake of raw apple juice flushes out toxins and prevents the formation of liver diseases. Reducing bad cholesterol level, enhancing cardiovascular health, improving digestion and preventing nervous disorders are other advantages of consuming apple juice. Dandelion root, an active component in ayurvedic medicine is another herbal remedy for liver cleanse. It increases bile production and improves the flow of bile in liver. This restorative tonic of liver prevents the formation of gallstones and improves liver health.

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