Leucorrhoea is a health disorder characterized by formation of whitish discharge from vagina. This discharge coming from vagina may appear thick and viscid. You can easily identify leucorrhea by analyzing its symptoms. Tiredness, appearance of black patches around eyes, itching sensation in and around vagina are some among the common symptoms shown by a person suffering from leucorrhea. Multiple causes contribute in the formation of leucorrhea. Digestive disorders, nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance, unhygienic condition and genital infections are some among the main causes influencing the formation of leucorrhea. Intake of herbal remedies is one among the safest methods suggested for preventing leucorrhea problems. Let's see some best recommended herbal remedies for leucorrhea.

Cranberry juice, enriched with manganese, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium and vitamin C is an excellent herbal remedy for leucorrhea. It is found to be very beneficial for the treatment of reproductive troubles. Amazing anti microbial property of cranberry juice is really remarkable. Presence of hippuric acid in cranberry juice acidifies urine and helps in fighting against bacterial infections. It is a perfect cure prescribed for preventing infections and cystitis. Proanthocyanidins is another active compound present in cranberry juice. It is an excellent tonic used for preventing the adherence of bacteria to bladder cells. Avoiding respiratory problems, preventing tooth decay, preventing stomach ulcers, improving heart function and improving kidney functions are other health benefits of drinking cranberry juice.

Fenugreek seed is an important herbal remedy suggested for preventing the risks of leucorrhea. This herbal cure has been used for centuries for the treatment of various ailments. It is a perfect composition of alkaloids, lysine, L tryptophan and steroidal saponins. Fenugreek seed can be used both internally and externally. For attaining fast relief, patients suffering from leucorrhea are advised to intake tea made from fenugreek seeds. Other advantages of using fenugreek seed extract include curing skin inflammations, maintaining blood sugar level, balancing cholesterol level and curing heart burn.

Ladyfinger is found to be very effective herbal remedy for leucorrhea. Patients suffering from leucorrhea are advised to use decoction from ladyfinger. You can easily prepare this drink by boiling ladyfingers in water. Patients are also advised to include a good amount of lady finger in their food recipes. Other key benefits of including ladyfinger in diet include stabilizing blood sugar level, controlling cholesterol level, reducing the risks of constipation and improving digestion.

Coriander seed is one among the safe herbal remedies for curing leucorrhea. For attaining fast relief, patients with leucorrhea are advised to drink water mixed with soaked coriander seeds. You can also use it as a spice ingredient to flavour food recipes. Curing stomach problems, preventing insomnia, improving the strength of respiratory system and relieving burning sensations in genital are other key advantages of using coriander seeds.

Amaranth root is another best recommended herbal remedy for leucorrhea. Patients suffering from leucorrhea are advised to drink water mixed with amaranth root twice per day. Apart from curing leucorrhea problems, amaranth root also helps in preventing premature aging and respiratory disorders.

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