Hemorrhoids, else known as piles is a health condition characterized by swelling of inner lining of anal region and lower rectum. It can be either internal or external depending on the location of formation. Multiple reasons contribute in the formation of hemorrhoids. Increase in age, pregnancy, constipation and heredity are some among the common causes reported for the formation of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are usually treated according to the severity of cause. You can easily identify piles by analyzing its symptoms. Slimy discharge of mucus, swelling and itching around anus, a lump on anus and painless bleeding from anus are some among the main symptoms shown by hemorrhoids. Nowadays, you can get vivid ointments, suppositories and creams from market for curing hemorrhoids. Living a healthy lifestyle with proper medication is the best way to reduce the risk of hemorrhoid problems. Let's find some among the herbal remedies for curing hemorrhoids.

Drinking a cup of water mixed with apple cider vinegar is one among the best recommended herbal remedies for curing hemorrhoids. Patients with chronic hemorrhoid problems are advised to intake this curative drink after their meals. You can also use apple cider vinegar externally as cold compress in order to relieve pain. Direct application of apple cider vinegar on affected areas helps in reducing swelling and pain. Similar to apple cidar vinegar, cayenne pepper is another herbal remedy for hemorrhoids. People suffering from piles are advised to drink water added with cayenne pepper after meals for reducing hemorrhoidal bleeding. Lowering of cholesterol level, thinning of blood, improving blood circulation and removing plaque from arteries are other health benefits of drinking cayenne pepper drink.

Garlic is an effective herbal remedy used for curing hemorrhoid troubles. Garlic is well known for its astringent properties. For curing piles, patients are advised to insert garlic clove to lower rectum region. This treatment is not recommended for those people suffering hemorrhoidal bleeding. Similar to garlic cloves, you can also insert a tampon of aloe vera gel inside bottom for instant relief. Improving elasticity of cells, eliminating the possibility of acquiring skin tags, healing of burns and scars are some among the highlighting advantages of using aloe vera gel.

Applying a cold compress of raw cranberry paste is an important herbal remedy used for the treatment of hemorrhoids. You can insert the cranberry paste wrapped in cheese cloth inside bottom. This helps in relieving pain due to severe hemorrhoid problems. People suffering from piles are advised to intake soaked figs daily in the morning. It is found to be very effective for curing health problems like constipation, asthma, sexual weakness, hypertension and weight loss. Diet plays an important role in reducing the risks of hemorrhoid problems. Radish is one among the safe cures used for treating piles. Radish in combination with honey is a commonly prescribed remedial measure for piles. Instead of honey, you can also intake radish in combination with milk. Applying paste of radish with milk over inflammations helps in relieving pain and swelling due to hemorrhoids.

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