The process of cleaning the interior of the colon using natural substances is called an herbal colon cleanse. These herbs used are normally plants, parts of plants, spices and culinary seasonings. These may come in various forms like capsules, paste, powder or liquid. People can often find these types of colonic cleansers in health stores and it is also possible to prepare some at home.

Both homemade and commercial colonic cleansing products make use of similar herbs as ingredients. Here are some of these ingredients:

Psyllium - an organic product usually ground into a powder and gains a great deal of bulk when introduced to liquids. This ingredient is useful in dislodging toxins or fecal matter that has adhered to the wall of the colon in the process of defecation.

Fennel – this is another organic product that has similar properties with Psyllium. Fennel is often used instead of Psyllium or along with it.

Barberry – this is another common ingredient in both homemade and commercial herbal colon cleanse products. It has the ability to stimulate activity in the gall bladder and liver while working with other ingredients in detoxifying the colon.

Cayenne pepper – is among the most useful of herbs. It has a wide variety of nutrients and vitamins and when combined with garlic during the process of cleansing the colon, these two ingredients can help stimulate bowel movements and reduce the incidence of gas.

Aside from the above, there are other herbs often used in herbal detoxification solutions as a means of providing essential nutrients to the body and not just purge a person’s system. Ingredients like ginger is a great source of potassium. It also has a good amount of Vitamins A, B-complex and C. Ginger also enhances the ability of other ingredients like bayberry by encouraging regular bowel movement while preventing the onset of diarrhea.

Herbs like flaxseed, red clover, wheat grass, alfalfa and Aloe Vera also make it as an ingredient to many detox solutions. When it comes to the consideration of the ingredients present in a cleansing solution, one must determine the amount of time since the last detoxification place. The choice of recipe and ingredients may also depend on the person’s age and well being.

Before buying or making an herbal colon cleanse product, it is important to first consult a homeopathic physician or an herbalist. These professionals will be able to help you determine what herbs to use when planning to get or come up with a detox solution.

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