The hemorrhoids can be easily prevented by avoiding the constipation. If you don’t have constipation problem then there will no strain and pressure on the anus and the bowel movement s easy and on time. So to avoid constipation have fiber in your food daily and drink lot of water. Make a habit of doing exercise and walking daily. It s advised not to read a newspaper while defecating and give less time in making an effort to defecate.

Due to day by day research various kinds of medicines have been developed for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The conservative treatment consists of increasing the intake of fibrous food, increasing liquid foods to keep the body hydrated, on-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, sitz bath and taking bed rest. But now a days lot of topical ointments are available for the treatment of hemorrhoids but they should not be used for more than a fortnight as can harm the skin.Petrolem jelly is safe than other gels for the skin. Oral medications are also available for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

The following are the other treatment options available for hemorrhoids:

Rubber Band litigation: In this procedure, an elastic band is used which is applied on the internal hemorrhoid just above the dentate line leaving a gap of 1 cm which will stop the blood supply. The elastic band is placed leaving a gap so that it will not give pain when falls. This will lead to the falling off of the hemorrhoid after 5-7 days.

Sclerotherapy: In this procedure, sclerosing agent like phenol is injected into the hemorrhoids.The hemorrhoid will shrink due to the collapse of the walls of the veins.

Methods like electrocautery, laser surgery, radiations of infra red and cyrogery are used when all other methods are not giving good results.

Hemorrhoidectomy: In this procedure, the hemorrhoid is extracted surgically which cause post pains and it will need 3-4 weeks for full recovery.

Doppler treatment: The Doppler guided trans anal hemorrhoid dearterialization is a technique in which an ultra sound Doppler is used to locate the blood inflow of arteries. The arteries are then tied and the prolapsed tissue is surgically moved to its original position. This is less complicated than Hemorrhoidectomy.

Stapled hemorrhoidectomy: In this procedure, the enlarged tissue is removed and the remaining tissue is positioned back to its original place. This will cause less pain as a part of hemorrhoid is removed. It gives faster healing than other treatment of hemorrhoids.

The surgical methods are used only when conservative techniques are not giving the right results as all surgeries will give some kind of complications like urinary retention as it is very near to the rectum. These surgeries should be done in consultation with the patient as all of them differ from each other. The surgeon should take into account the condition of patient like the extent of hemorrhoids, he or she can bear post pain or can saty on bed for 3-4 weeks, financial condition of the patient etc.

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