Gardens of all kinds can benefit from a feng shui influence. The proper arrangement of plants can create a more harmonious feeling in the garden that can enhance your level of relaxation. You should also arrange your garden in a way that allows energy to flow smoothly throughout the entire area. Whether you have a large herb garden in the back yard, or simply a few pots of herbs artfully arranged on your patio or deck, you can use feng shui principles to enhance the beauty and productivity of your garden.

Create a Harmonious Arrangement for Your Plants
When creating your herb garden, arrange the plants in a way that will allow you to walk freely among them. Not only will this make it easier to care for your plants, but it will also increase your enjoyment of them. Don't crowd your plants too closely together, as this can restrict the flow of energy, and could cause health problems for your plants. An artful arrangement is often very desirable for an herb garden, since they are often just as beautiful as they are useful. Arranging your garden with rounded curves instead of sharp angles is also a good approach.

Add Other Feng Shui Elements to the Herb Garden
Adding a touch of all the feng shui elements to the herb garden can add a great deal of balance and harmony. Wood represents new life. Place a wooden garden bench along one side of your herb garden to add this element as well as to provide a spot to sit and enjoy the garden's beauty. You can also add the element of Water to your garden by including a small fountain, or even just a bird bath. Be sure to always keep the water fresh and clean, since stagnant water can actually be detrimental to your garden's feng shui energy. When adding the element of Metal to your garden, focus on pieces that are rounded and visually pleasing, instead of sharp angular metallic elements. A lovely metal wind chime could be the perfect accessory for your garden. Although the garden area should already have an abundant Earth influence, you can enhance this element even further by including some herbs planted in terra cotta pots. Add the element of Fire through the introduction of the color red. Accentuate the beautiful green color of the herbs with a few red decorative flowering plants, use some red planters, or add a garden marker or statue that utilizes the red shade.

Grow Great Herb Varieties for Great Feng Shui
The kitchen is the heart of the home, and cooking with herbs can certainly enhance your family's cooking and eating enjoyment. The smell of fresh herbs in the kitchen can add a lot of energy and life. Choose herbs that are fragrant and fresh, such as basil, thyme, mint, lavender, rosemary and oregano. The smell of these herbs in the kitchen will help energize the kitchen space and make it more pleasant to work in. You can even grow small pots of herbs in the kitchen to further enhance this experience.

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