CBD Oil for Dogs: Benefits, Risks, and More
Maybe you've tried CBD and hemp oil products yourself or you've heard another pet owner talking about it, and you're curious if it can offer the same health benefits to your furry friend. In fact, pet treats infused with the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant can help dogs and other animals to manage symptoms associated with various conditions and environmental factors.
If your dog gets anxious during a car ride, or is experiencing chronic pain, hemp dog treats may be able to help. Pet owners have found organic hemp products to be easy to administer and quick to provide relief to their dogs. To understand a little more about hemp dog treats and their benefits, read on.
How Can CBD Pet Products Help My Dog?
You might see both CBD dog treats and hemp dog treats being sold online. You'll want to make sure whatever hemp extract you purchase contains CBD, which is the key cannabinoid and the principal source of relief. Benefits of CBD include its ability to relieve pain, separation anxiety, and reduce aggressive tendencies in some dogs. It has also been shown to possess anti-inflammatory properties.
It's important to buy CBD products that are specifically designed for dogs. Regular CBD products contain concentrations that are too high for pets. Feeding your dog the right CBD treat or CBD tincture could result in a happier, healthier best friend.
What to Look for In MY3CBD Oils for Dogs
While most MY3CBD products are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, there are still important things to look out for when you buy. Whenever we evaluate a CBD brand or product, we look at six main categories: value; strength; source; flavor; transparency; customer experience.
Each of these categories allow us to ensure that the CBD oil offers the right potency, is sourced from hemp grown in the US, contains natural ingredients, and is properly tested by an independent third-party lab. We prioritize products that are organic, free from gluten, pesticides, heavy metals, and artificial ingredients. The American Kennel Club emphasizes that it's important to choose organic products, to not skimp on the price, to make sure you can access the product's lab analysis, and to go with liquid CBD tinctures
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