Hemorrhoids or piles is a disorder which makes the patient’s life upset though it is not life threatening. It destroys quality of life and is utterly hurting. However what is more aching is the patient cannot divulge his or her hurt to others being ashamed of the ailment. But there is nothing to be ashamed of. There are plenty of patients of hemorrhoids or piles on the planet and they experience same pain and other problems like you do. It may be external hemorrhoids or internal, they must be treated and for that you should discuss with your healthcare provider regarding the internal and external hemorrhoids treatment.

As external hemorrhoids are on the external side and have to undergo contact, they are more wearisome because of being hurting, prickly and many times bleeding. Internal hemorrhoids are on the inner side and don’t result in pain but they bleed. And if they jut outside they also can become painful.

Most of the times when the circumstance is not very critical, hemorrhoids are relieved without seeking the help of a doctor.

To apply force at the time of discharging stool is a prevalent cause of hemorrhoids. This occurs in constipation. Pregnancy, age, immobility and some particular medicinal drugs are accountable for giving rise to constipation and thereby hemorrhoids. To treat this you need to improve your way of living and enhance the intake of fibers as well as water and other liquids in your diet and also workout. At the time of increasing fibers it should be kept in mind that for a person with constipation it is essential to soften the stool first and afterwards add the fibers. If it is not done constipation may get exacerbated because of grown amout of fibers. You can start to take a stool softener with your doctor’s recommendation. Some patients may feel relieved with prunes which have innate laxative properties. And after matters become less problematic, fiber quantity has to be bit by bit added.

So also at the time of enhancing fibers, fluids have to be essentially increased since adding only fibers without boosting fluids can give rise to gases and bloating. Excellent fiber sources are fresh fruits, veggies as well as whole grains. Fiber supplementation also may be made use of. As recommended by physicians 7 helpings of fruits and vegetables, ample liquids and physical exercise for 1/2 to 1 hour need to be adopted to avert or diminish hemorrhoids.

If you are going through attack of painful hemorrhoids, don’t use dry toilet paper. Flushable tissue papers or allergy-proof baby wipes are recommended during such situations. Sanitation is also extremely vital for which a water jet is more recommended than toilet tissues.

There are a lot of alternatives available for the internal hemorrhoids treatment. There are different grades of hemorrhoids ranging from I to IV. In general grade IV patients and sometimes Grade III sufferers are required to face surgical procedures. Some non-surgical procedures too exist e.g:

Injection Sclerotherapy – This remedy is applied to small and bleeding hemorrhoids. This injection constricts the hemorrhoids.

Rubber Band Ligation – For bigger internal hemorrhoids, a rubber band is wound at the base of the hemorrhoid and its blood circulation is stopped. When it becomes dry because of lack of blood supply the hemorrhoid cuts off by itself. This process needs a lot of sittings and rate of return is 68%. Agony after procedure is trivial and is alleviated by taking pain-killers and sitz baths.

Infrared Photocoagulation – This procedure is chosen by certain healthcare providers for small internal hemorrhoids. The hemorrhoid is scorched with infrared rays. This also requires a lot of sittings and recurrence is more.

When all other remedies fail, sufferer has to undergo surgery. However the surgical procedure is absolutely simple and patient can restart normal routine the same day.

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Most of the time external hemorrhoids treatment, unlike internal hemorrhoids treatment is the one asked for the most, because external hemorrhoids are more painful and symptomatic.