In today’s world, there are all kinds of ways for people to help others, and it is also easy for them to let their friends know about what they have been doing. In the past, one would have generally needed to be around others in order to make a difference.

Another Way

But thanks to the internet, this is something that they can now do from the comfort of their own home. If they want to send money to a certain cause, for instance, they won’t need to exert themselves.

The only thing they will have to do is to tap their screen and the money will be on its way. Therefore, if they were to come across a cause that pulls them in, they will have the ability to make a contribution.
The Same

Now, it could be said that it has been possible to give money over the phone for years and so this is not much different. This option has been available for a while, but it doesn’t compare with being able to send money over a device.

And when one uses their device, they will be exposed to all kinds of different causes. When it came to the old approach, there would have only have been a few for them to choose from, and these options might not have always have related to matters that concerned them.

In Alignment

The kind of causes that they come into contact can relate to things that they hadn’t even heard of for most of their life. This can be the result of them being able to connect to people from all over the world.

Going online can allow one to find out about what is taking place in other parts of the world, and once they are aware of something, they could feel the need to act. Yet, if they didn’t have the internet, they probably wouldn’t have heard about it.

A Number of Options

This doesn’t mean that the only way for one to make a difference will be to spend money, as there are going to be a number of ways that this can take place. For example, one could join a forum and give their advice on certain topics.

If one has overcome a number of different challenges, they could share this with people who are going through a challenging time. The good thing about doing this online is it that one will be able to hide their identity if they choose to.

A Bit of Both

Therefore, if one wants to make a difference in the world and around them, they will be able to. In their eyes, they may feel as though it is their duty to look further than what is taking place around them.

One could see themselves as a humanitarian, and if they were to only think about the people they to come into contact with, they could feel as though they are not doing enough. Thus, the only way for them to sleep at night might be for them to reach out to people who are going through a difficult time.


One may prefer to keep these things to themselves, and not have the need to tell anyone else, or they may only prefer to tell the people who they are close to. This could be something that they will talk about when they get together.

What this can show is that they don’t help others to look good; they do it because it is in line with their values. There is then no reason for them to receive approval from other people.

On The Other Hand

Alternatively, one may have the need to tell their friends about how they have been helping others. This could mean that they will get in touch with their friends and tell them, and it may involve them writing about it on social media.

This could be a sign that their desire to help others is partly driven by their need to look good. There may even be the chance that this is the only reason why they help others, and it could then be normal for them to be drawn to things that are seen as being good causes.

The Inside

However, regardless of whether one typically keeps what they do to themselves or has the inclination to tell others, there can also be the effect it has on their own well-being. Through reaching out to others, one could find that they experience a mental and emotional boost.

After they have done something, they could think about how they are having a positive effect on the world. The high that they get from this could last for quite some time, and it might only be a matter of time before they want to do something else.

Caught Up

This could be seen as a part of the process, and if one didn’t feel this way after doing something, they might be less likely to help others. Still, it is going to be important for one to make sure that they don’t become consumed by how they feel.

As if this was to take place, they could end up helping other people for the wrong reasons, and they could do more harm than good. What this comes down to is that when one helps someone, they can stop them from helping themselves.


For example, if one was to come across someone who was begging on the street, they might feel the need to give them money. After this has taken place, they can walk away with their head held high.

But through giving this person money, it can stop them from actually going something about their situation. They might also end up using the money to buy things that will cause them further harm.


This shows why it is important for one to not only listen to their heart, but to also listen to their head. As if one is able take a step hack from how they feel and to look into the effect their actions are having, it will make it a lot easier for them to actually make a difference.

To understand this, one could imagine how they feel when they experience the desire to eat something unhealthy. Fulfilling this desire might make them feel good in the short-term, but it won’t make them feel good in the long-term.

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