It is a scenario that our brave men and women in uniform are all too familiar with – going off to an armed conflict zone, deployment or special assignment leaving behind a family. The soldier goes off on duty leaving a spouse and kids who now have to manage everything on their own. On base accommodation may be far from ideal or may be simply may be unavailable. While that soldier is away, their family’s accommodation becomes an issue; an issue that is easily addressed by rental apartments and housing facilities. Though the tern ‘corporate’ is used to describe these facilities; they work very well for military housing requirements as well.

These are compact, convenient and attractive apartments that have a flexible lease (1 to 14 months, which is ideal for temporary duties and assignments). It’s your own signed lease on your own terms which attracts no penalty for early termination (in case of unexpected deployments and so on). You can choose from a variety of different floor plans that cater to the requirements of a military family. Wives (and of course husbands) of military personnel, find that these kind of furnished apartment rentals are a great option for many different reasons:

Stress free relocation

A mother of young kids has enough to contend without having to undergo the hassle of relocating to a new place and setting up house anew. With rental apartments most of this hassle is cut out entirely. For one, she literally comes home to a fully furnished, roll in ready apartment that is both practical and attractive; fitted with all the amenities she needs to set up a comfortable and cozy home. There are easy transfer options from or to traditional apartments. There is no utility set up required, nor is there any need for deposits.

Housing for the military lifestyle

Typically, military wives are pleasantly surprised to find other military families living close by, giving a sense of familiarity and belonging. There are community activities to participate in, and other kids around to keep the children engaged. Amenities included range from swimming pools to fully equipped gyms and play areas for younger kids. There could be golf courses and parks located close, schools are typically located nearby and the apartments can be found conveniently close to shopping and eating out options.

The soldier himself (or herself) can also rest assured that their families back home are comfortable, well looked after and happy in their choice of military housing.

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Sarika Periwal writes articles to promote better living and positive thinking. Find her on Google+