With the holidays upon us, the Universal Life Church Seminary has responded to the growing needs of the public for spiritual guidance and support. At this time of year, many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, as well as money problems due to our economy.

Many people have nobody to turn to and are losing hope that things can ever improve. The holiday season, regardless of your belief system, is a special time of year. It’s a time for giving, caring, and supporting one another and reminding ourselves why we are here.

It’s important, during these tough times, for everyone to do their part in making the world a better place. Towards that end, the ULC Seminary has been offering free kind words mailings and supportive videos on the Universal Life Church Seminary youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/ulcseminary), which are available for everyone to see. The founder of the ULC Seminary, Rev. Amy Long, says, “Most people go through their days without anyone giving them a kind word, a caring gesture, or even a smile. These free mailings are the Seminary’s way of offering people a little ray of sunshine for their week.”

The kind word mailings are free and available for the asking through the Universal Life Church Seminary website. The rates of natural deaths and suicides go up tremendously during this time of year. This service is free and is something you can sign up for yourself or sign up someone else who might also need a kind word.

For more information, contact amy@ulcseminary.org or you can just sign up on the Seminary website.

The Universal Life Church Seminary is an oustanding place for healing, learning and growing as a minister and as a person.

Author's Bio: 

Amy is the President of the Universal Life Church Seminary and author of multiple books and courses on ceremonies and various spiritual belief systems.