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We should attempt to die as martyr and help a moribund patient to die in this way. Rasulullah (s.a.w.) ordered that:

"Martyr surely will not suffer torment." [Ibn Mace, Bayhaqi, Imam-i Ahmad]

"Martyr doesn’t feel death grief, doesn’t sorrow in grave, doesn’t be disturbed by issues such as horrors of judgment day, giving account of religion, divine libra, Sirat bridge, and goes directly to heaven." [Bayhaqi]

For this reason, we should want to die as a martyr and we should pray for that so much. It is ordered in the hadiths that:

"Whoever wishes to die as a martyr from Allah sincerely, even he dies in his bed, he becomes martyr." [Muslim]

"Most of the martyrs die in their bed, intent of those dying at war is known only by Allah." [I. Ahmad]

Dear readers, everything is realized by Allah’s wish. There is nothing not to be realized if he wishes. When He wants something to happen, without changing the divine order which was established by him, He creates unexpected reasons for that. If He wishes, He creates every entity without any reason just like in the first creation. Is Allah incapable of realizing a small wish of His helpless servant? He is creating quadrillion events at all worlds at the same time, realizing each occasion in compliance with this divine order without mixing them to each other; capable of everything and having infinite knowledge and power. In light of all these facts, without getting even smallest suspicious of His power, we should ask for Him to be a martyr sincerely for both us and our patient.

But let us not forget that creation depending upon some reasons is the tradition of our Rab, and adhering material and spiritual reasons that will lead the goals to be realized is the sunnah of Rasulullah. That’s why we should engage with reasons that will lead us to be a martyr.

# The reasons that will lead us to be a martyr

The honest prophet ordered that:

"Whoever say 25 times a day that “Allahumme barikli fil mevt ve fî ma ba’del-mevt” dies as a martyr." [Radd-ul mukhtar]

Dear readers, one of the spiritual reasons for dying as a martyr is that human attempts to learn the provisions of Allah and post, spread them to the human and ensure them to learn these gold rules, which are resources of all benefactions. It is ordered in hadiths that:

"The one dying while learning a science is a martyr." [Hatib]

"The one dying while learning, teaching or spreading his religion is a martyr." [Ibn Asakir]

"The one dying while bidding the goodness and prohibiting the badness is a martyr." [Ibn Asakir]

"When sedition and mischief are spread among the Muslim community, whoever follow my sunnah will have sawab of 100 martyrs." [Hakim] (sawab means the reward of Hereafter)

"Whoever bring my abandoned sunnah to light, he will have sawab of 100 martyrs." [Hakim]

"Whoever writes 40 hadiths of mine hoping forgiveness of God, Allah has mercy on him and attaches him martyr degree." [Ibn Jawzi]

That’s why if anybody learns even Quranic verse or hadith consisting of 3 to 5 words, he should share it with everybody including primarily his family individuals. Even a few words of Allah (swt) and Rasulullah have great favour potential enough for improvement of all the world. Of course, it is valid for obedient servants … If the human had obeyed the sunnah of the Prophet based on the principle "don’t want for anybody what you don’t want for yourself", today there wouldn’t be any malignity in the world.

# Some cases which will occasion for dying as a martyr

Rasulullah (s.a.w.) notified the other cases which will occasion for dying as a martyr as follows:

"The one dying on Friday or Friday night becomes a martyr, gets rid of grave torment." [Abu Nuaym]
"The one continuing to read Yasin every night, dies as a martyr." [Tabarani]

"The one dying with ablution is a martyr" [Daylami]

"The one performing the 5 times salat correctly, is attached sawab of a thousand martyr for every day." [Targib-i Hadimi]

"Those, drowned in water, died on fire; died needy and lonely; died through being bitten by a poisonous animal; died due to a internal disease; died under a wall or ruins; the women hiding her envy on her husband; being killed while defending his religion brother’s or neighbor’s possessions; being killed when bidding the goodness or prohibiting malignity, are martyrs." [Ibn Asakir]

"The one dying as hidden his love after falling in love, and keeping his decency becomes a martyr." [Hakim]

"The women dying as pregnant, while giving birth, or as puerperant becomes a martyr." [Tabarani]

"It is illicit to throw away the possession, the one being killed in the cause of his possession becomes a martyr." [Tabarani]

# The one who gets his love of the world out of his heart gets sawab as a martyr

Dear readers, one of the things that causes to die as a martyr is to get love of the world out of heart and place there love of Allah. This is one of the hardest things for nafs (ego) addicted to world life. The evangel of martyrdom was given for this occasion.

"Abandoning the desires of the world is more sorrowful than patience. It is more difficult than stroke of sword expecting nothing except Allah's consent. Allah attaches sawab of martyr to the one abandoning the desires of the world." [Abu Nasr, Daylami]

Dear Readers,

The human is a live mechanism, on which tens of thousands of physiological event is occurred at any moment even if he is not aware of that. Look it up the biochemistry books, dozens of stages are needed even for the synthesis of the most simple chemical compound. At each stage, the compounds providing energy, coenzymes catalyzing that reaction and premises that is being used by biosynthesis event are needed. Tens of thousands of process like these are performed in our body at the same time. These events continues to be performed without interruption at a person in a coma whose all vital functions stopped and only breathing. We aren’t even aware of these events as long as they take place without having a hitch. But if any hitch occurred at one them, unbearable pain, aches, and warnings are felt from every body area, on which that event is effective. All these physiological processes get end with death event; now consider the troubles during death. That’s why Rasulullah (s.a.w.) ordered that:

"Seeing the angel of death is more severe than thousand stroke of a sword." [Abu Nuaym]

"Although pain of death is so severe, it is lighter than other pains after death." [I. Ahmad]

Moribund patient is the one who can’t go out to meet his own needs. (Radd-ul-mukhtar).

# Helping the moribund patient

At this patient, a significant part of the fore mentioned vital processes start to stop and for this reason he has many troubles. So, moribund patient should be kept in a room which has a good ventilating, calm, with appropriate heat and humidity conditions as much as possible so as to prevent any additional trouble from outside apart from his own inner troubles.

In the room of moribund patient; alive picture, sculpture, excrement, dog, alcoholic drink, gambling and musical instruments shouldn’t be existed; if it is possible, the people who didn’t perform full ablution, whose decency parts of his body are apparent, who cut off his relationship with relatives shouldn’t come and go in this room. It is ordered in the hadiths that:

"The angels of mercy don’t enter to the room in which alive picture, dog and unclean people exist." [Nasai]

"The angels of mercy don’t enter the places in which Jeres [gong, bell, small bell] exist." [Nasai]

"The angels of mercy don’t enter the room in which dog and statue exist." [Muslim]

"The angels of mercy don’t come to the place where the people not visiting their relatives exist." [Tabarani]

"Do not leave urine in container at home! The angels of mercy don’t enter such room." [Tabarani]

Moribund patient must be helped by his wife if exists, if not, by one of his mahram relatives. Not mahram people mustn't serve him. ("mahram" means persons that are religiously prohibited to get married with them)

# Death’s patient should keep his will with himself

People should write and keep his will with himself. "If he hasn’t written it yet, it would be obligatory to write it in his death’s disease. He should advice to his children and companion for the last time. He should ask for renounce the people’s rights in himself and his receivables and debts to be paid, sending a representative to hajj if he hadn’t performed it, and he should notify his wishes to be performed during and after funeral service. He shouldn’t forget to make a bequest for the payment of his debt of (Mahr-i muajjal) to his wife. In order to perform these requests in accordance with provisions of Islam, he should assign an administrator beside two fair witnesses." [S. Ebediye].

The visit for death’s patient should be kept very short, the visitors shouldn’t talk about anything that will lead him to fall into despair from mercy of Allah, on the contrary, they should make him hopeful about that. It is ordered in a verse from the Qur’an that:

"Say: "O my Servants who have transgressed against their souls! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah: for Allah forgives all sins: for He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful." [Zumar, 53]

If his status is suitable, he should be performed an ablution, and ensured keeping his ablution. It is ordered in a hadith that:

"The one dying with ablution is a martyr." [Daylami]

If possible, without straining, he should be “repented and asked Allah for forgiveness” with brief words thus ensuring him to migrate Hereafter as being purified from sin. Although repentance for unbelief is inadmissible at the death’s moment, the repentance for sins is admissible.

# Reminding Kalima-i Tawhid

It was informed that those reciting "Ikhlas" surah at death’s disease will not subject to the query of the grave.

Since moribund patient engaged in self’s problems, his words and efforts will be inclined meeting his physical needs at that moment. By saying beside him “Lailahe illallah, Muhammadur rasulullah" with low voice enough to be heard by him, he should be ensured to remember Allah and refresh faith. Rasulullah ordered that:

“Preach those in the death’s status to say “Lailahe illallah”, and also give them good news about they will go to heaven. It is this time when the devil is the closest to the human” [Abu Nuaym]

"Do not force the very sick patient to say Lailahe illallah, just preach him." [Dare Kutni]

"The spirit of the one whose last word is Lailahe illallah goes out easily, and that word becomes light for him in the judgment day." [Hakim]

"To make someone drink water in the death’s status is the Sunnah. If his need is met by that, it will be a necessity." "A suitable people should read Yasin Surah beside death’s patient. Reading it secretly is also useful. It is ordered in hadith that: (The death’s patient, beside whom Yasin-i Sharif has been read, dies as satisfied of water and put in grave in this way. " [S. Ebediye]

Be entrusted to Allah.

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