Talking to a family member or friend about losing weight can be hard. Use these tips to get the conversation started.

It's all in the approach! People who struggle with body weight need support. Many individuals have attempted to drop weight many times. Starting with compassion is always a good place to start. Tell the person close to you that you care for them and are concerned and are willing to help them and support their effort. Asking simple questions such as; "How can I help you?” or “What can we do together to get healthy?” can go a long way.

Most importantly, don't preach or tell them what to do, let them tell you how best to help.

Evaluating your own feelings around a loved one who wants to improve fitness is important. Are you glad, excited or maybe a bit envious. It is possible to use this time to get fit together as many couples do in my personal training services.

Help by making a plan and putting it into action:

- Go shopping together
- Exercise together
- Prepare healthy meals & menus together
- Celebrate your loved one’s weight loss, but don’t use food as a reward.

Losing weight is hard in a society that is focused on food and has companies that spend millions and millions of dollars marketing food products. Supermarkets are not simply places to buy food but are strategically organized venues for getting you to buy too much food.

Fast foods and a hurried American lifestyle don't help the cause. If your loved one still struggles consider a weight management program that considers all aspects of ones life not just a diet.

Losing weight and keeping it off is difficult but doable. You as a partner in weight loss can be a key to this success.

Author's Bio: 

Scott Larson is an Exercise Physiologist and has studied clinical/holistic nutrition. He is certified in Weight Control, Stress Management, Addiction Counseling and Low Back Health. He is a certified Fitness Specialist and has worked in both clinical and fitness exercise programming.

He currently is Head Coach at