One thing that makes life so intriguing is the surprises it brings. We can never tell what’s going to happened next, no matter how cautious or controlled you are, some things just happened and there is nothing you can do about it. When s*** happens in your life, you just got to deal with it, you have no choice but to keep your faith stronger than usual or you are going to break down.

But some people do break down because some people just don’t have the coping mechanism to stand the test of time or some obstacles are just too much for them to swallow that they end up in one dark corner, curled up and unable to fight the fight. These people can be your loved one.

Here are some helpful guidelines in helping the person you cared for deal with depression. First of all, you have to understand that depression is a real illness, it’s like high blood pressure or diabetes. In aiding your partner deal with depression know what you need to know about the illness itself.

Therefore, you should never reprimand your partner to “Snap out of it! Some people had it worst that you!” saying this makes the depressed person more inadequate or makes him or her think that he or she is doing something wrong. This can make your lover withdraw more and retreat into his or her own world, aggravating the illness.

You have to keep in mind that depressed people can no longer cope with pressure, so cease yourself from confronting your lover with the issue. Comparing other people’s misfortune will never make your partner feel any better, so it’s no use. The best that you can do to help your loved one deal with depression in by choosing and using sympathetic words, offer availability like “ I am always here when you need me.

I am here to listen and and I will never leave your side.” During these times assure them of your love and support. Be more vocal about your affection say more “I love you’s” and “I care for you” To deal with depression, you should keep yourself informed about it but once you start imposing what you learned to the depressed person that’s when the mistake comes in.

For instance, the depressed person would put himself or herself down then you would blatantly say “you know what, that is normal, people like you do self- pity”. Again, that is very confrontational. This will make the depressed person conscious in front of you because he or she thinks that he or she is being scrutinized and will withdraw from you.

To deal with depression you should apply what you have learned, for example when your depressed loved one say “Everything I do is a flank, I am such a loser!” it’s wise that you casually say “Hey, remember the time you…. that was so awesome, you were really great and I am so proud of you.” Also use different approaches- first is like a doctor assessing a patient then a friend who makes non-stressful comment or doesn’t talk about stress, anxiety and depression but encourages and makes positive reassurance.

These are some helpful ways to dealing with depression. Helping a loved one deal with depression is very hard and it takes a lot of patient. You just got to hang on in there and strengthen yourself, believe in your heart that everything will be alright… and it will.

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