This year marks my 30th year working with clients, (and I still love it) and I'm in a place of reflection. I'm also getting active with my writing again, after taking some time off to devote to other projects.

I have witnessed a variety of trends throughout my career, based on numerous factors associated with the world growing and changing. In these recent years, what I observe is that the current times possess a unique set of circumstances. I would like to share some thoughts on this. It is not new news, however here's my take on it.

There is an escalated shift of rapid movement in so many people's lives. I see it with family, friends, clients, colleagues, in my own life, and it seems, humanity itself. There exists a tremendous need for individuals to create and sustain a new 'Super Human Skill', which I call 'Rapid Adapting'. Things are moving so fast, so much coming in from all sides and angles, we need to make heroic, moment-to-moment sensory and visceral adjustments to digest all the input. I read recently that we now receive more information in one day, than someone in the 1600's did in an entire lifetime! WOW!

The amazing thing is...people are doing it! Great news--we are an adaptable species! But at what cost? It is a demanding skill to hone, and it takes a toll on you mentally, physically, psychologically and spiritually. Again-I know this is not new news, nor rocket science, but what concerns me is how I see people internalizing their personal Report Card on how well or not well they are doing, thus creating anxiety, panic, unrealistic expectations and general nervous system burnout. This is a new school with too many new rules to learn, so burnout and anxiety are the current epidemics.

Our nervous systems have not had the opportunity, meaning the time, to evolve and be in the place where this amount of stimulation is normal. We have not physically (our wiring) caught up with our technology. (constant stimulation)

So please remove competitive, self-defeating thoughts about your sense of progress!

Also please know that you are not alone in this effort, and others may appear to be doing it better, but perhaps not, and even if they are, why compare? Allow yourself to do the best you can, and be kind and gentle with your process. Maintain a compassionate point of view. You, them, us--we all can make it, at our own speed.

I imagine you each have an inner component, which allows you to feel part of The Big Picture, whatever that means to you personally. I certainly enjoy some healthy bantering and sharing about the meaning of life, gaining tremendous insights from the many wise people who cross my path. (Although I get concerned when someone says they have it all figured out, and "I better listen to them!") We individually decide this Big Picture stuff based on what we believe and where we place our trust.

Although I have a voracious curiosity and have had the privilege to become familiar with many wonderful esoteric, religious, spiritual and psychological studies, which are invaluable in my work, I'm also a Sicilian from back east; so here are some thoughts:

Create time to have FUN and roll better with this particular time in history that we happen to be experiencing. Technology and ambition are both very cool, but sometimes cool your jets. You don't have to be perfect and make it all right, right now.

Worry less, stress-less. Enjoy the day, it's all we have; eat well and enjoy your meals; spend quality time with family and friends, have a glass of wine or other (if it is in your lifestyle), dance, sing, watch Comedy Central and lighten up! In other words, embrace the ride. Do your best, then fuggedaboudit!

With hugs from Catherine


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