Because they are bombarded daily with supermodel image, women are in an eternal battle with those extra pounds. As long as you do not become an obsession and not turn into eating disorders, we may say that brought us flexible and health benefits. On the opposite side are men who are often careless in terms of appearance and a few extra pounds - often put them in danger - does not seem to bother them.

How you determine them to lose weight?

First and most important problem we must correct the lack of will on his part.

No matter how "men" would look like, most representatives of the stronger sex are afraid of hospitals, doctors, injections, etc.. Shows them that can be serious risks being overweight. Here are just some of the diseases that have a close relationship with obesity:

Cardiovascular disease
Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Men acquire a heart disease by about 10 to 15 years before women, so are more likely than women to die because of that. Old age is not so important a factor as it was several decades ago, because of obesity. 25% of men who die from heart disease were between 35 and 65.

Lung cancer, prostate and colon are three main types of cancer affecting men. Diets high in fat have a direct connection with the appearance of any form of cancer, and one quarter of all deaths caused by cancer are associated with obesity. Still another reason may cause you to lose your partner.

Stroke cause most cases of disability in adults in Europe. Although family history and age are important factors, high blood pressure is often the main culprit, and significantly overweight cause high blood pressure.

The link between diabetes and obesity or overweight can not be disputed. "Increasing cases of diabetes every year is alarming, and the outlook for the future are not at all optimistic. Prevention of diabetes does not require a special effort at all, but first assume a balanced life in terms of food and physical activity. "As in cancer or cardiovascular disease prevention in diabetes should apply the rule of 60 minutes: more than 60 minutes a day for physical activity and less than 60 minutes for television, computer games.

Physical activity

Depending on your favorite sports, a subscription to ping pong, football hall or bowling can "force" you to leave the house and do some sports.

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