Parents of every generation have some similar phrases they use with their children and when it comes to posture you have likely used 'Don't slouch', 'put your shoulders back' or 'stand up straight'. The reason we tell our children this is to try and avoid poor posture and that is more than just looking slouched over, poor posture brings with it issues such as back pain throughout their childhood and into adulthood too. As well as seeking a chiropractor that specializes in treating common childhood issues such as colic treatments, Monmouth County, or frequent ear, nose and throat infections, or help with an injury, they can also help with their posture.

The spine is a good clue to a person's general health

Posture tells a health expert a lot about that person's overall health. If the spine lines up that are better for your nervous system, and the nervous system is what connects to the rest of the body. If the spine is not in alignment that means the nervous system can be affected and that can cause any number of conditions and pains, apart from back or neck pain. If you see signs such as tummy aches, headaches, not sleeping well, repeated infections, behavioral problems those could be aggravated by spinal misalignment. For a child, they should see a trained chiropractor that is used to working with children, a pediatric chiropractor Monmouth County.

Poor posture is a sign of misalignment

Children today have more trouble than ever with poor posture. They spend a lot of time hunched over school desks or playing gaming devices, or on their phones or tablets. This adds up to misalignment in the spine that leads to poor posture. Some children have very clear poor posture with shoulders lowered and a hunch almost at the top of their back. But if you are unsure you check things like whether their earlobes are aligned, whether one shoulder is lower than the other from behind, or maybe they have a hip lower than the other. The first would indicate misalignment in the upper neck, the next misalignment in the neck or mid-back and the last could be lower back or hip misalignment. As they walk does one foot, or even both feet turn in? Do their pants hang longer on one side than the other? Any of this could mean it is time to see a pediatric chiropractor Monmouth County.

Correcting those misalignments and more

A chiropractor has the training that means they can fix the misalignment and as they do you will see a lot of improvement in a person's posture. For that to be maintained it would be a good idea to try to find a way to have your child sit in a better position when they are on the phone or playing. Pediatric chiropractors are not just a great option for correcting poor posture, you can also take even young infants for colic treatments Monmouth County.


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