While choosing from different styles of wedding photography, always remember that choosing a photographer is also a part of styling. Apart from that, given below are some of the options for wedding photography that you can choose from. Before going into that, you should know that the first step is to go for digital photography. Digital photography has its own advantages when it comes to saving money and time. Moreover, digital photography gives you more liberty as you can click infinite number of photographs.

1. Classic

Once you decide which style to go for. You can choose the classic photography style for your photographs. The classic one is like the ones in the album of our grandparents. The classic ones are a bit formal and they can stand the time’s test very easily. These photos look more real than the reality. The classic photos reflect the artistic side of the photographer. So, if you want that classic touch to your photographs then talk to your photographer beforehand. You can also test it in your pre wedding photography.

2. Fine-art

This one involves the artistic angles, unique compositions, creative lighting, and creative imagination and techniques. The fine-art wedding photographs are meant to have a strong flair of art. This photography generally doesn’t require to make changes in the surrounding. Just the angle and lighting can do wonders that nobody can ever think of. Wedding photographer Singapore who use fine-art photography usually have in mind their own artistic finish of photographs. It requires anticipation and a quick research of the scenes.

3. Fashion photography

This one generally revolves around the clothing of the wedding, and displaying the fashion accessories for commercial reasons. This one is used mainly in big cities where the demand is high. But fashion photography doesn’t mean that it has revolved around commercial purposes. Fashion photography can also be about only showing of clothing in a way to make the bride or the groom look tremendously beautiful. There are unique lighting techniques used to it and dramatic background is given in order to make the photographs look good. So, if you are thinking of getting fashion photography for your wedding, then you can talk to the photographer about it.

4. Dramatic

This is another style of photography. In this one, the key to clicking good photographs is the lighting. This one requires some experience and training for mastering it. It also requires creating your own light if the natural lighting is not going your way. Actual day photographer Singapore can do this if you’ve already told him/her about what you need. Also, to make sure that he/she clicks exactly what you want, you can always look at 3-4 photographs clicked by the photographer to confirm what you need.

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