Addiction is a word that we throw around all of the time but what does it actually mean to be addicted to something? And how does one become addicted to anything in the first place?

Like all other behavior, the answers to these questions lies in thought and emotion.

To be addicted to anything is to have a habitual thought about that thing. If you imagine your consciousness as a flowing river and your thoughts as a log or tree branch floating down the stream, what would happen if more and more logs were released into the river? Eventually they would jam up wouldn’t they? They would collect and gather and block the flow of the water.

The same thing is happening with your thoughts when it come to addiction. But how do these thoughts get placed in our river in the first place?

That is where emotions come into play. At some point in our lives we have an emotional experience that we attach to the person/substance/behavior that we eventually become addicted to.

When we realize that all we really want is love and that the addictive substance will never love you back, you are set free.

Tapping is utilizing the power of your mind to disconnect the emotional thoughts with the substance and helps you re-align with what you really want and what you already have inside of you…love.

Author's Bio:

Alan Combies is a Certified FasterEFT Practitioner and Hypnotherapist with a passion for helping people learn and grow.