There are various ways to help anxiety and anxiety attacks. Knowing the methods and practicing them and following them will minimize and perhaps even relieve the worst events.

It is key to recognize and understand the symptoms of anxiety. They are:

- an increase in heart-rate
- shaking
- difficulty breathing
- tightness in the throat
- tension in chest and respiratory area
- urge to vomit
- pain and cramping in abdominal area
- feeling cold or over-heated and faint
- disorientation

All of us have experienced these in some form, from mild to severe. Anxiety exists in all of us, and in some people it is much more prevalent. There is one very simple way to help anxiety and minimize or relieve it. And that is to longer be scared of anxiety. This is actually a very difficult state to achieve and it won't be reached overnight.

There are various ways you can help anxiety. Medication can be prescribed in more extreme cases. But medication has side-affects which may hinder a person's quality of life or lead to other psychological problems. Medication should only be sought out for extreme problems, after other methods have been tried.

Daily breathing exercises are helpful. This is also thought of as meditation, but there isn't any need to interject any spiritual or religious element, especially if it conflicts with your own beliefs. All breathing exercises do is allow you to become incredibly aware of your breath and to control it. This is key in combating anxiety. A simple daily exercise is to spend 20 minutes in a quiet and comfortable environment, sitting or lying down, and count from 10 to zero with every deep guttural breath and exhalation. This will also teach us how to breath. It may seems crazy, but learning how to breath is key. Breathing should be deep and felt in the stomach. Not shallow and felt only in the chest. By learning how to subconsciously breath like this, we already greatly reduce anxiety.

Daily exercise is great. Any activity you enjoy, such as swimming or playing some basketball, try to do regularly. It's a known fact that the body which is rushing with endorphins after a workout, or is simply tired from fun, isn't prone to anxiety.

Help anxiety by doing some small and important exercises.

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