Weddings are always special. As a groom or as a bride, you must be wondering how to make the wedding more special and unique from others. There is no secret that you would not allow any flaws to ruin the amusement of the party. The ideas to jazz up the special occasion of your life is endless. Nowadays, if you follow the wedding trends and blogs, definitely you will get plenty of ideas. Among them arriving in a private jet is trendiest and distinct.

Are you planning to settle in your relationship and want to share your entire life with the person with whom you have already spent many days. If you are ready to announce the day of your life, your next step should be finding the best helicopter booking service for wedding in Rajasthan to make your wedding memorable.

While you have decided the menu and the venue of your wedding, your next concern should be the wedding transport. Those days have gone when people hired a luxury car and adorned the car with roses and ribbons. Befitting with the latest trends of these days, people are now investing in renting a private helicopter. Booking a jet plane can be a unique transport mode, on the other hand, it is an innovative way to catch the attention of your guests.

From the ancient times, grooms are taking the responsibility of hiring the wedding transport. However, nowadays with the increasing demand for the destination wedding, brides are also in need of hiring a transport to make their entry as gorgeous as their appearance. Therefore, it is clear that irrespective of the bride or groom a wedding transport is a matter of concern.

In addition, while you have decided to book a helicopter for your wedding, here are a few things you should keep in your mind—


When the transport mode is air, then you have to be aware of the weather condition. Helicopter requires minimum visibility of 1500 meters to fly successfully. In the month of December and January, the visibility reduces below 1500 meters. If your wedding date is in one of these two months, then always keep a backup plan.


As the ordinary road transport requires only roads to run, the helicopter needs runway to land and take off. Make sure that your wedding destination is near your helideck area. If your helipad area is unreachable or far-off from the venue of the wedding, then you may need to hire some extra vehicle to reach the ultimate place.

Booking the Jet:

To enjoy the splendid service of a private helicopter, book the service provider after fixing the marriage date unless you may find it difficult to get the reliable service.

Advantages of hiring a helicopter for the wedding:

• Amaze all the guests by entering with a private helicopter.
• It adds extra glamour into the party.
• Get an amazing view to click photos.
• Avoid traffic and arrive on time at the destination.
• It is trendy, apart from hiring a limousine.
• Cost-effective.

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Is your wedding date is coming soon and you want to make the most of it? Then try to find the best as well as reliable helicopter booking service for a wedding in Rajasthan.