The hidden camera has served as a boon to the 21st century. It is one of the most beneficial technology that has helped in serving as a foolproof evidence to nail culprits and suspects. A hidden camera is very tiny in size, which makes it easy to be installed in small objects like a desk or a wall clock, a pen, pair of glass, ring, handbag and mp3 player, among others. These aforementioned objects are used for everyday purposes, hence, easy to go unnoticed by suspects.

The hidden camera is a device that is used by many, be it a business man having an office, an employee or a journalist. Such cameras also find an extensive application in departmental stores, shops, malls, cinema halls and auditoriums, to name a few. A businessman installs these cameras to keep an eye over the conduct of their employees. Furthermore, the hidden cameras prove highly useful in avoiding theft of any important file or a CD by catching the culprit red handed. Employees use these cameras to catch those prying around their workstations and fiddling with their belongings.

Departmental stores, shops, retail chains and malls install the cameras to catch shoplifters as well as enhance the security aspect. Furthermore, train stations, bus stands, airports, hotels, restaurants, resorts, cinema halls, auditoriums and theaters, make use of this important device for security purposes. In addition to this, journalists make use of these cameras to conduct sting operations, unearth scams, uncover illegal and malicious activities. Educational institutions install these camera to check the conduct of the students.

Nowadays, the cameras are not only installed in official and commercial areas but also used in residences and housing societies. The camera installed in a residence is called a nanny camera. It is used to record the behavior of the nanny, the babysitter and the domestic help, when the adults are not at home.

The nanny camera not only keep an eye on the behavior of the nannies but also helps parents check the activities and mannerisms of the teenagers during their absence. Apart from being installed in residences, these cameras find application in residential societies and parking lots for security purposes.

Tremendous progression in the arena of technology, has led to many improvisations in the cameras, to the extent that these devices now boast of various hi-tech features. These characteristics include expansive storage space, nocturnal vision, high quality picture, rewind & fast-forward at the touch of a button, easy to install and user-friendly nature.

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