If you want high quality printed promotional materials, I highly recommend that you go for heatset printing. This is actually a part of offset printing. Heat set web printing is a part of the whole development process in printing wherein the inks are dried through a heat mechanism.

This is significant because this process will help you get more beautiful and high professional quality promotional prints. Let me give you all the information so that you can understand for yourself why you should go for heatset printing for your promotional or advertising materials.

1. Better printing quality – Offset printing, combined with the heatset process is guaranteed to give you the best printing quality for your promotional materials. This is because heat set web printing allows you to print high quality full color inks into impressive looking glossy paper surfaces without the fear of them being smudged or turning runny.

The heatset process basically takes care of this itself, leaving you with a great printed results that is both glossy as well as accurate. Your promotional materials should be on par with other professional ones out there.

2. Vivid colors – Also, you should know that with heatset printing, it is not just about full colors. You will get vivid colors. Since these kinds of printers can really mix and match oils, pigments and wax and set them precisely through heat, the color quality of this process is really impressive.

This is great of course for promotional materials wherein high quality images are typically rendered in full color quality. So if you are printing something like posters or postcards, offset printing with heat set web printing is really a good way to go.

3. Durable prints – Also, since everything is “Sealed by heat” so to speak unto those substrates or paper, you will always get more durable printed promotional materials in this process. You will not have to worry about those promotional materials fading, as this process will always lock in the designs onto the materials. Even with water exposure or dirt exposure, those inks will be set correctly, giving you great highly durable advertising prints perfect for long term advertising campaigns.

4. Fast printing – Of course, since you will be going for offset printing along with the heatset process here, you should expect extremely fast printing. With those roll-fed offset printers, fast heatset ovens and then quick cutting devices, you can get your promotional materials within days of ordering.

If you are going for that quick advertising opportunity, this is really your only choice to get those high quality promotional prints to the market within ample time. So if you are really on the rush with your promotional prints, it is good to go for the heatset process for fast and high quality prints.

5. Perfect for lots of promotional prints – So what are the typical promotional prints that you can go for with heatset printing? Well there are a lot! Here is just a quick list of what you can actually print:

a. Booklets
b. Brochures
c. Posters
d. Postcards
e. Catalogs
f. Pamphlets
g. Flyers
h. Rack cards
i. Banners
j. Streamers

As you can see, heatset printing is the best thing for your promotional materials. It is a great investment to go for if you want your advertising or promotional materials to look professional and of course be competitive in marketing.

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