If you want to reduce your company’s energy costs, improving your industrial heating can be a good place to start. By finding ways to lower your heating expenses, you’ll be able to save money and help the environment while increasing the efficiency of your operation. Here are a few smart ways to lower your industrial heating costs.

Change Filters Regularly

Just like with the heater in your home, you’ll want to change the filters in your company’s heating system regularly. The Spruce explains, filters often get clogged with dirt and other debris over time, which can make appliances work harder and run less efficiently. By putting in high-quality filters, commercial heating systems can function cleaner and easier. You may need to change your old filters as often as once a month or even more frequently if you use your heating system a lot during the cold winter season.

Improve Your Building’s Insulation

In addition to focusing on your commercial heating system itself, you might be able to slash your energy costs significantly by making some modifications to your building’s insulation. Installing new insulation materials to replace old ones that may be damaged and unable to do the job correctly can keep heat inside your building from being wasted. Your building’s roof might also need to be repaired or replaced to improve your business’s insulation and reduce heating costs. Installing energy-efficient windows and doors may be beneficial as well.

Have Your Furnace Coated

Your industrial furnace can be coated to provide a better seal so that less energy is wasted. Furnace or kiln coating with high-quality refractory materials can help your heating system run more efficiently and reduce energy costs significantly. It’s also important to choose a reputable contractor who knows how to apply coating materials correctly without damaging the other components of your heating system.

Use Destratification Fans

This may be a particularly good idea if your business has high ceilings or an open layout. Destratification fans are designed to blow warm air down so that the heat stays where it needs to be to keep you and your staff warm without being wasted. Many of the best types of these fans are compact in size and easy to install.

Lowering your energy costs can be as simple as improving the way that your commercial building is heated. When the right methods are implemented, you’re sure to yield great results.

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