The meaning of dreams is very important when accurately translated. The unconscious mind that produces your dreams is a doctor. All dreams contain precious messages that protect your mental and physical health. You can prevent all mental illnesses, physical diseases, accidents, and other misfortunes if you follow the guidance given by the unconscious mind in your dreams.

The saintly unconscious mind is your protector. You need protection because you are basically absurd. All mental illnesses and physical diseases are consequences of your absurdity.

You don’t know how to analyze your behavior and understand your psychological system. However, the truth is that everything in your life is a result of your behavior, which is constantly influenced by your wild tendencies.

Study for a while the scientific method of dream interpretation, and you will be able to understand the helpful lessons of your natural doctor; the wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams. This method was discovered by Carl Jung and simplified by me, who continued his research.

Whenever you suffer from a mental or physical illness, the first, basic reason why you are sick is your own absurd attitude in a certain matter of your life.

You may believe you are right in all points. You may consider yourself a balanced and normal person. However, this is not true. You are too ignorant, and you have a deficient conscience that must be developed. Besides this fact, you have inherited too much craziness into the biggest part of your brain.

The absurd content (anti-conscience) you have inherited cannot but already prove by itself that you are absurd. You don’t have a healthy brain from birth. You inherit an absurd and deficient brain, which must be developed during your life.

Through dream therapy you have the chance to develop your conscience, becoming always more intelligent. You also have the privilege of being able to protect your health, and avoid suffering.

You must care about your health more than anything else. Even if you are a millionaire, without health you can only feel very sad. Nothing has any meaning when you are dying.

Thanks to Carl Jung’s research, and thanks to my own research, today you can prevent all mental illnesses. When you acquire sound mental health, you have physical health. Your physical health depends on your mental health.

You may believe that people become sick by chance, and that there is no way one can be cured from cancer only by translating his or her dreams. However, you ignore many new scientific discoveries that prove the existence of God, and also the fact that human beings are under-developed primates. You ignore the meaning of life and the meaning of death. You should not believe in your own suppositions.

Nothing happens by chance on our planet. Everything works in a very well-organized manner because your planet is a place of transformation. We must pass through psychotherapy while we are alive, so that we may stop being wild animals, and become real human beings.

There is a God who organizes the functioning of our complex planet and who created its complex nature, with so many different live species, in only approximately 4 billion years, which is the age of our young planet. Nothing had enough time to appear ‘by chance’ on Earth. There is a purpose for the human life.

The same God sends us dreams through the unconscious mind in order to help us transform our evil nature into human nature. All physical diseases try to prevent mental illnesses because when we become mentally ill we are controlled by our absurd anti-conscience, the primitive side of our conscience that didn’t evolve like our human side. This is a very dangerous condition.

If you are sick, this means that your anti-conscience is controlling your behavior. In order to recuperate your physical health, you must solve various problems that are threatening your mental stability.

Once you discover your mistakes through dream translation, and you correct these mistakes doing what is positive for you, you recover your health. This is a common process. Numerous people were cured through dream translation from all types of physical diseases and mental disorders.

However, the truth is that you must be prudent and prevent all mental illnesses before acquiring severe physical diseases. Nothing is easy when we deal with diseases and mental illnesses.

For example, if you have recurring dreams this is a serious indication that you might face serious health problems in the future, or an indication that you will become mentally ill.

I’ve helped numerous people through dream translation. I’ve also learned the dreams of many people who relate them to me, without following dream therapy. I can tell you that whenever someone has recurring dreams, the problems they face a certain day are really unbearable. Besides indicating future mental illnesses or diseases, recurring dreams can also indicate other misfortunes, like being betrayed by someone you trust, or losing someone you love.

For example, dreams about blood coming out from your head indicate a severe mental illness. You will have this dream before losing your mind. The unconscious mind always shows you all dangers beforehand. You still have enough time to save your mental health. Follow dream therapy, and you will manage to eliminate your dangerous anti-conscience before becoming its victim.

Dreams about blood can have a different meaning, like the recurring dream of one of my mother’s friends. She used to see that she was praying in a church and Saint Mary would appear crying before her. Saint Mary’s tears were made of blood, they were not common tears. This friend had this recurring dream for many years, before dying from cancer.

Unfortunately, she refused following dream therapy, even though I tried to help her many times.

In this case, blood represents pain. Saint Mary’s blood tears reflect the saint’s pain. The dreamer couldn’t understand the real meaning of suffering.

Her recurring dream was showing her that she was superficial. She had to understand God’s pain, and the pain of all saints because we, human beings, are evil. The dreamer had to pass through psychotherapy and develop her sensitivity, but she was indifferent to the power of dreams.

Unfortunately, most people neglect the value of dream therapy, and they are not saved, while they could find salvation if they would care about following the unconscious guidance in their dreams.

The first miracle I saw through dream therapy was the cure of a very thin girl who was always sick and had various health problems, besides suffering from depression and from two phobias. She needed a surgical operation because her intestine was not working. However, this operation was miraculously avoided through dream therapy.

Fortunately, this 21-years-old girl was an excellent student; she paid real attention to my lessons, precisely following the unconscious guidance.

She was very intelligent. At least she had this advantage in life. She had so many health problems, and she was so thin that one could only feel sorry for her.

She was completely cured from her depression, from her phobias, and from her intestinal problems through dream therapy in only one year of psychotherapy. Today she is happily married, and a mother of two children.

I saw very clearly from the beginning of my practice that dream therapy works for all cases, without exceptions. However, only those who pay attention to the guidance they receive in their dreams can be saved. If you are indifferent to the unconscious wisdom, there is no way you may find salvation.

You have to participate of your psychotherapy or physical therapy because your own intelligence must be developed. The unconscious mind gives you many clues and explanations, but you have to think about this information, and find the treasure of wisdom by yourself.

You also have to do what your unconscious doctor shows you that you have to, without insisting on your plans, and without being lazy. When you are an obedient student and patient, your cure is guaranteed.

I advise you to be very serious, like those who suffer from serious health problems are, but before acquiring a severe mental illness or an invincible physical disease. Study the meaning of your dreams, and follow the wise guidance of your natural doctor with all your attention.

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Christina Sponias continued Carl Jung's research into the human psyche, discovering the cure for all mental illnesses, and simplifying the scientific method of dream interpretation that teaches you how to accurately translate the meaning of your dreams, so that you can find health, wisdom and happiness.

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