It was not till the 19th century that London was a witness to the traditional kind of hotels we understand these days as Boutique hotels. They were considerably of smaller in size to their counterparts across the Atlantic in America.
Historically, lodging facility was in the form of guest houses and coaching inns as there was no tourist industry and the high and aristocratic class would rather have the accommodation on rent rather than reside in hotel. The inns had considerably two kinds of facilities-one for stage coaches and the other for the fresh ones with their place to eat and sleep. As per the statistics from the April 8th edition of 1837, there are around 396 inns, hotels and taverns but there were no pubs which were allowing them accommodation for customers. Private guesthouses were around 34 in number.
Hotels that were of the highest standard were known as Palace Inns which were around 30. They were all mainly confined around the area which we known as West End. Some of the notable hotels of the era were Cavendish hotel, Durrants, Browns, as well as Mivarts. Besides, there were many commercial inns which were found all over London. In 2000, the city had around 1170 hotels including some bed and breakfast accommodations.
In London, the first Boutique hotel was Ian Schrager’s hotel which was laid in collaboration with the Angre Putman’s Morgan hotel which was started in 1984 in New York. Comparing these niche boutique hotels with the large ones was like comparing this hotel to a departmental store. Shrager with Philippe Stark produced revolutionary designs for the hospitality industry. Since then these hotels started spreading its wings in the cities and resorts all over the world.
Now the same has gone much beyond their conventional trend to encompass even more than 800 rooms with all kinds of luxuries and hi fi systems. Many of them even went much beyond the expectations of the tourists to incorporate technological endeavors. These trendy styles and the facilities in these hotels garnered them also with the name “Life Style hotels” associated with style, trend and fashion including most personalized and exotic services.
There are millions of Boutique hotel in London now with each having their unique trait and flexibility. They can acquire the gravity to capture the highest grandeur level of luxury and on the other hand can be as marginalized as a normal hotel. Whatever type these hotels are London boutique hotels magnetism lay in their trendy and unique appeal, personalized service and friendly atmosphere.

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