Cardiovascular disease continues to be the leading reason behind death of men and women. Yes women too! Once considered only a man's disease, cardiovascular disease has always burdened women.

Actually in the event that you ask most women, they think that breast cancer could be the leading reason behind death; however heart problems and stroke will kill more women than all cancers combined. If you shocked to hear that then, you must meet the experts and for that you can log in to Here you will get all the information heart issues and treatment, appropriately.

Cardiovascular disease which includes heart problems and stroke doesn't play any favorites. More education is certainly required for women. Few women know their risk factors and even fewer know how to proceed about them.

Major Modifiable Risk Factors to Cardiovascular Disease:

a) Hypertension
b) Stress
c) Abnormal Cholesterol
d) Physical Inactivity
e) Diabetes
f) Overweight
g) Smoking

Women at most times are far more worried about individuals around them than about themselves. Stress, which includes anxiety and depression, is all about twice as common in women. Hypertension, which will be high blood pressure, appears to me more common in women than among men after age 55. It is now shown that diabetes poses a better risk for heart problems and stroke for women that to men. This causes it to be more important to regulate hyperglycemia, which will be high circulation blood sugar levels in the blood.

Outward indications of Cardiovascular Disease:

There are atypical (not as common) and classic (more common) symptoms of having angina or a center attack. Most women would experience classical symptoms such as strong chest pain, and shortness of breath. However, more women than men experience atypical symptoms, such as for instance vague chest pain, indigestion-like discomfort, back pain, nausea, or tiredness. This can result in warning signs being dismissed or overlooked all together for girls, therefore results in delayed recognition of the situation resulting in a delay in treatment options.

Now that you realize heart problems and stroke could be the leading reason behind death, it is also the absolute most preventable and even reversible. Take action before it's too late. The important thing is to be aware of one's risk factors and adopt a heart-healthy lifestyle which includes proper nutrition, exercise and effective coping strategies to combat stress. See your healthcare experts today.

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Hi, I am Dr. Jack Wolfson, a board-certified cardiologist. I have opened Wolfson Integrative Cardiology, where my team concentrates on in-depth testing and targeted nutrition to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease.