Understanding the issues that often lead to a heart attack and stress and a need to lower blood pressure.

Which came first the chicken or the egg? Either way stress and too much of it constantly over an extended period is the perfect recipe for an attack.

Leading experts from the medical community generally agree that individuals with a prolonged high stress profile are often associated with heart problems and other serious illnesses.

Constant and reoccurring stress issues are invariably related to

the choices that are made about life styles, attitudes and
feelings associated with emotional responses to problems.

Our self created choice-making then fuels and empowers what we do and say and how that we choose to behave.

Perhaps it should be obvious that humans self create their
behavior by that compelling thing we call "thinking".

What we choose to think about and especially what we think about over and over then slowly, but surely, becomes the essence of our lives.

Surely then if we choose to dwell mentally on a constant series of negative, conflicting, bad, mad or sad thoughts, then how can we avoid too much stress?

Either we have the ability to choose what we think about in
order to make choices or else we just go through life
willy-nilly without thinking or without carefully thinking
about our choices.

Can we then say that stress is self created by choice?

Is our choice making a matter of accidents?

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