How do you know when you're hearing God's voice?

Perhaps you've been praying or meditating and you sense you've heard God's voice - but how do you know?

I've been asked "Is God's voice a thought or an actual voice that we hear?"

I'm not going to place limits by saying God's voice is one or the other or only these. I will say that I've personally experienced both.

The thoughts are more common for me. It may be that I'm just too uncomfortable hearing voices!

I mean people are thought to be crazy for that right? And here we are trying to hear God's voice!

But back to the question - How do we know it is God and not our own thought or perhaps the enemy?

Ok. I'm going to be very blunt here so don't take offense.

If you're hearing something and wonder if it's God - it isn't.

If you're praying to God and feeling like you're getting answers then they're from God.

Someone once asked me - How do you know that the answers you're getting aren't from the devil? I replied "I don't pray to the devil".

If you're praying to God my friend, you can believe with all your heart that God will answer and those answers will not be coming from ANY OTHER SOURCE. You MUST believe that. God isn't playing games and doesn't expect you to either. Your faith is this respect is critical!

You will have people second guess you and test your confidence in your relationship with God. Don't mess with those folks. Best advice I can give. People that create doubts for you aren't helping you - you can probably create enough doubts yourself without finding help!

Now that's out of the way!

I think it's good to make sure if the voice you hear is God's - but in my experience it's been very obvious and I'll attempt to explain.

Let me say first that it's not easy to explain this an online article - but I'll try.

One thing I've noticed is that the thoughts come fast when God speaks to me. I mean it's like a flood. I've used the term "download".

I'm probably a little slow but it's hard to keep up! And there has been NO doubt.

One particular time it was so obvious that God had spoken because I was so energized. I was ecstatic! The thoughts that came were not mine - it was an understanding of Grace - which I had asked for. I never really understood Grace. After that experience I did.

I can't really explain the feeling - but trust me when I say that you will know when God speaks to you!

It's not going to be condemning, accusing, judgmental, etc. You won't feel depressed, tired, etc.

Remember: God is Love. How does love make you feel?

If you've haven't experienced this yet - ask for it! Ask believing and you'll receive.

Now you may have a lot of stuff blocking God from speaking - and it may take some time for that stuff to get cleared away. Be patient. You have plenty of time and there's nothing to worry about.

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