Been wondering if you made a smart decision to start your own business? Have you bought every recommended business book, e-book, video and audio set or invested in a business coach's mentoring program that cost thousands a month or a year?

You know what you should be doing to succeed, but can't bring yourself to make cold calls or public appearances and speeches. You can't even write a business plan, daily schedule, marketing newsletter or articles.

You're frozen in fear, stuck in procrastination, struggling to pay your bills.

Sound familiar? Don't despair. Your subconscious fears of success or failure may be blocking your progress. Releasing them is a huge step to the ultimate success you know you deserve.

These fears of failure or success enter the human energy system, and are ignored or repressed. They become trapped in the body.

We revel in positive emotions like love and happiness as they wash through us. We let fear fester inside. We may believe that showing fear makes us look weak and vulnerable. We may also think that if we don't feel fear, we won't "own it". The opposite is true.

Maybe you're thinking, "I don't want to feel the fear so how do I conquer it?"

You've probably been taught and even tried many of these old paradigm fear "conquering" techniques:

- Just push through the terror and take action
- Buck up, go around or overcome your fears
- Focus on the end result or your vision and never give up
- Stop being a wimp, accept your feelings and move through the fear

Humans are complex beings with multiple layers of positive and negative emotions from many lifetime experiences. "Conquering" fear can create another emotional layer that will be triggered the next time you try to do something that frightens you. The fear is compounded if you fail, are rejected, or feel unsafe, anxious or stressed with too much success.

Where did the first layer of these fears originate? Perhaps you were forced as a shy child, teen or young adult to make speeches in front of your class, then afterward were ridiculed by your peers. As an adult, you may now have subconscious fears of failure or rejection. You may be terrified of public speaking, cold calls, sales presentations or networking events. Worse yet, you don't know why.

Two good reasons to clear rather than conquer your business fears:

1. Prospective clients may subconsciously sense your fears, desperation and lack of confidence, feel uncomfortable and decide not to do business with you.

2. Unresolved negative emotions can lead to unwanted physical conditions, such as income fears causing lower back pain

The old "conquer the fear" paradigm doesn't effectively work for many people, especially the sensitive souls in the transformational, coaching and healing business fields.

Good news! Many new paradigm fear release techniques are now available to move you from frozen to fabulous. Entering "fear release techniques" in a search engine brought up 286,000 results, from self-hypnosis to acupressure to Reiki.

Three effective fear release techniques I've used for years and recommend to permanently clear the fear and step into your greatness are:

1. FREED: Fast Release of Emotional Energy Drains - a new, simple modality to clear fear and negative emotions from a single energy meridian in seconds

2. EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques - called acupressure for the emotions, users of this method tap with fingertips on various energy points on face, torso, and hands to release fears

3. MTT: Meridian Tapping Techniques - very similar to EFT, MTT uses additional points to clear fears via tapping on acupressure points.

The success secret in using these methods is to focus on the core fears instead of the symptoms like procrastination, distraction, anxiety or avoidance.

Release rather than repress your fear then take back your POWER and PASSION for your business success!

Author's Bio: 

Colleen Flanagan, EFT-INTc / EFTCert-1, is a mind-body-emotions expert and the author of several Amazon books including Tapping Success Scripts and Tapping Into A Course In Miracles. People call Colleen “The Emotions Whisperer” due to her ability to rapidly identify and release the traumatic emotional roots of most unwanted conditions. To learn more, visit Colleen's website at and enjoy complimentary mind-body videos, articles, books, and audios.